10 Perfect Metal Albums With ZERO Bad Songs

Even though it sells well around the world, metal still seems to be kind of a niche for some people. As much as there are people ready to headbang for any band that will provide the music, there are always fans who are not ready to let songs about obscurity and crazy out of tune guitars get carried away. In the case of these albums though, it’s really their downfall.

Compared to the normal stuff you would find in classic rock or even some of the harder stuff, these are brutal albums that make you want to play them over and over again. While there are certainly some points that are brighter than others, you’d be hard pressed to find other albums that have that much cohesion in the metal genre. While every album has its peaks and valleys from time to time, there is never a dull track in sight on these releases, each having the power to make your head bang in equal measure.

While some of these are a bit more user-friendly than others, you won’t be fooled when it comes to spraying metal music for hours on end here. Rock may have had its day … but metal isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Many people forget how much of a joke Ozzy Osbourne was considered in the early 80s. Considering Black Sabbath had found a new life with Dio behind the wheel, he was the guy who escaped from the biggest metal band. on Earth and wasn’t going to do anything meaningful for years. Then he discovered his magic with Randy Rhoads and everything changed.

That’s not to say that Randy alone made Blizzard of Ozz special, but it certainly helped. Having a new guitarist to work on, Ozzy never seemed more invigorated than during his solo debut, proving to the world why he was worth sticking around for years to come. Aside from the actual songs like Crazy Train and Mr. Crowley, Randy Rhoads was also a name worthy of attention, creating classically-styled solos and hitting hits that were enough to scare someone like Eddie Van Halen in the air. ‘era.

How amazing were those licks you will ask? There’s a completely packed acoustic guitar track called Dee here, and it’s always kicking with Randy just flexing his chops behind the unplugged gear. Even though Ozzy could have easily slipped into obscurity, the Prince of Darkness was not quite done threatening the metal world just yet.

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