Caring Brigitte overcomes anxiety to make the modeling dreams of her life come true

A caregiver who has struggled with anxiety and depression since early adulthood celebrates a new lease of life after making her childhood dreams of modeling come true.

Brigitte Prior, who works as a health assistant at Gwern Alyn Nursing Home in Pendine Park, even considered committing suicide at the height of her mental health challenges.

After getting her first healthcare job as a home aide eight years ago, she slowly regained her confidence and self-esteem and learned to manage her anxiety with the help of her partner. , John Beech.

Determined to make up for lost time, the mother of two is now pursuing her lifelong ambition to become a model to celebrate her long journey to recovery.

The hobby saw her taking part in a series of unusual fantasy-themed photoshoots, from glittering fairies and Gothic enchantresses to blood-soaked vampires.

Brigitte Prieur

She recently competed in the National Finals of the Miss British Isles Classic Model Pageant 2020/21, where she represented Miss Clwyd. The competition was postponed to last year due to Covid-19.

“When I look at how bad it was, I realize I’ve come a long way,” she said.

“I always wanted to be a model when I was younger, but I didn’t trust myself. I applied to a modeling agency and could have done a portfolio at the time, but I knew I would have to travel for different jobs and with my anxiety, I just couldn’t do it.

“Now I just think, ‘Live your life to the fullest and make your dreams come true’. I try to see life as a great adventure and how sad it is if you don’t chase your dreams because you will forget them.

“No matter how old you are, you should still be doing what you dream of. Life is about making different memories and at the end of the day, that’s all you’ll have left. “

Brigitte and her daughter Angelina

Gwern Alyn manager Cindy Clutton praised Brigitte on her modeling achievements and her remarkable personal journey.

“Brigitte is an example for all of us not to give up on our dreams and to seize the opportunities,” he said.

“Not only is she a fantastic and dedicated care worker, appreciated and appreciated by her team, but she is a true inspiration to all who have suffered from their mental health, offering hope that life can improve with more. help, support and encouragement.

“I wish Brigitte the best of luck in her modeling adventures – we are all in favor of her success.”

Brigitte, who has a son, Lawson, 14, and daughter, Angelina, 19, who also started modeling, was born in Rinteln, in northern Germany, and moved to the UK after married a military man.

She first trained and worked as a nursery nurse before becoming a full-time mother when her children were born.

“My anxiety started when I was a young adult. I had constant panic attacks and was severely depressed. I was suicidal, ”she said.

Brigitte, who previously worked at Pendine’s Penybryn nursing home, caring for people with brain injuries, credits her first job in care for helping her regain her confidence and reduce her anxiety levels.

“I needed something that works around the kids which is why I did home care because it helped me with the pickup times,” she said.

“When I started I had to drive to different houses. It was very difficult for me as I had not driven for a long time due to my anxiety but you have to face your fears.

“I think I’ve come a long way in recent years. Meeting my partner has really helped me. He is always there for me and supports me.

Two years ago, Brigitte let it slip away and applied to participate in the Miss UK International beauty pageant.

She enjoyed the experience so much that she applied for a place in the National Finals of the 2021/21 Miss British Isles Classic Model Pageant and was thrilled to be selected as the Miss Clwyd entry.

The event, which included a professional photoshoot and a parade at Chester Racecourse, prompted the caregiver to pursue other modeling opportunities.

“I would have liked to have thought about it a lot sooner,” said Brigitte, who has appeared in photography magazines and on photography websites.

“I had a portfolio done now and it all starts from there.

“It’s a hobby and usually I work with photographers and I volunteer my time and they give me photographs.

“I did everything from a gothic photoshoot in an abandoned building where I held a burning torch – it was really fun – to dress up as a fairy.

“It would be nice to get paid for it, but I’m also a realist, I really do it for fun.

“Times go by so fast and I try to fill my life with many happy memories so that I have something to look back on.”

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