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Opera is excited to announce that its new gaming platform, GXC, is now available for gamers and creators to try out in open beta. GXC allows creators to publish and share and gamers to instantly try out a catalog of games developed by enthusiasts and early adopters in GameMaker Studio 2 that range from RPGs to Arcade Action, right from their Opera GX browser for free. They can also log in to complete and share challenges with their friends and win weekly prizes.

GXC is the next step in Opera’s grand vision to make creating and publishing games as easy as posting to social media. The platform removes the biggest problem for game makers – it gives them an easy way to reach large audiences and promote their game to highly engaged Opera GX users. The best designers can also benefit from a monthly prize pool of $ 30,000. The move builds on the success of the rapidly growing community of Opera GX users and follows the recent change in licensing model, which allows games to be freely developed using GameMaker Studio 2.

Opera’s ultimate goal with GXC is to democratize game creation. Players inspired by GXC games can become creators themselves by downloading GameMaker Studio 2, creating a game using its free tools, and then easily posting it to the platform to receive instant player feedback. .

“We believe game creation is the next step for the creator economy and we’re here to make a difference by making game creation and publishing more accessible than ever. We aim to make GXC a real alternative to mainstream gaming platforms, ”said Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browsers and Gaming at Opera.

GameMaker, which is part of Opera Gaming, has seen renewed interest and more than triple the number of new downloads since making GameMaker Studio 2 free this summer. After making their game creation engine free, Opera GX and GameMaker invited game creators to join the GXC platform to give them the ability to quickly validate ideas for their new games, thereby shortening the time to bet on. the market.

“Now that the platform contains the first 500 games, we are delighted to invite players to experience it in open beta,” added Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browser and Gaming. “Soon we’ll start testing monetization options for game makers, establishing an ecosystem with virtual currency and incentive ads. “

GXC’s open beta kicks off with over 500 games that players can instantly access, with more being added every day. The games will be categorized, filtered and organized into a range of different categories so that players can discover the games they love. Lists curated by Opera will include trending, popular, and user-rated games. Creators can also use tags to easily identify their game with relevant genres to further facilitate discovery.

Another feature of GXC launched with the Open Beta is the Weekly Challenges. These offer registered players the opportunity to participate in weekly tasks and compete in leaderboards for the chance to win weekly prizes. GXC will also work with popular influencers to set up their own challenges, to give players the opportunity to compete with their favorite content creators.

The GXC Open Beta is available now for creators and gamers at


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