Hopewell parishioners reach out to the sick and the elderly

HOPEWELL, Va. (WWBT) – The doors of St. James Catholic Church date back to 1950. It is a place where believers can embrace and grow their faith, but the church is also outside of it. building.

For the homebound elderly who cannot attend church, the “ministry of the sisters of the heart” has been their saving grace.

Julie Carter is a member of the church.

“It makes them feel valued. This shows them that they are still part of our ecclesial community and that they are not alone. They are always in our hearts and we want to make sure they know it, ”says Carter.

She’s a big supporter of the woman leading the charge, Barbara Zello.

“I want people to know that there are angels here on earth and Barbara is one of them. Barbara is going forever, she has more energy than anyone. I could never do. whatever she does, ”Carter says.

During holidays like Easter or Christmas, Barbara and her team go to an assisted living facility nearby to take care of sick or trapped members.

Mass is now broadcast live and a bluegrass gospel group performs at the facility a few times a month.

“For a lot of these people, they’re not able to get up and do a lot of things and I think it’s very entertaining for them,” says Bill Newman, a member of the group.

Barbara’s passion for helping the elderly is rooted in her love for her parents and in the way the church once cared for them.

“I lost my father and my mother, but I saw what they did with 1,500 members in their ward. There were people going to see my parents and it really made me think we had to do it in a small community. It’s a very important part of me and you see people who have no one, especially when we go with the bluegrass jam session, ”Zello says.

This commitment is why Julie wanted to thank Barbara with the NBC12 acts of kindness. It comes with $ 300 and a $ 50 Mexico restaurant gift card. It was a special moment for a special woman on a special mission.

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