Huge French castle damaged by water auctioned for € 278,000

A neo-Gothic castle with more than 900 square meters of floor space is being auctioned off at a starting price of € 277,950, after frozen water pipes caused a flood. However, it comes with a repair bill of just over € 223,000 for the municipality that owns it.

The Château Léguillon, built in 1900 about 15 km from Belfort (Bourgogne-Franche-Comté), served as a children’s holiday center (summer camps) from 1947 to 2014, when a new mayor decided the costs were too high.

The castle, which has two floors, a cellar and 2.4 hectares of garden crossing the limit of two municipalities, is then put on the market, but no buyer is found.


Then disaster struck in the winter of 2018, when frozen pipes on the upper floors burst and flooded the stairs and much of the building.

Why it happened is a mystery – the boiler in the basement was set to its anti-freeze position, which should have provided minimum heat to protect the building.

The damage led to a halving of the asking price and in 2019 a local company, which saw an opportunity to turn the chateau into gites, almost bought it before the deal was done.

Now the auction site, which sells properties, cars and other equipment put up for sale by government agencies, is responsible for finding a buyer.

It has lowered the starting price to € 277,950 for the online sale, which will run from September 14 to 16, with auctions set to increase by at least € 5,000 at a time.

All bidders must visit the castle first to see it, although from the photos the water damage does not appear to be too severe with mold and wallpaper.

“In a building like this, it is really necessary that the buyer has taken a good look around before making an offer,” said a spokesperson for The connection.

“Some people will look at the damage and think it’s not too bad, while others will be horrified.”


The six-page quote is attached to the site (quote), established by the surveyors of the city of Belfort, with the invoice excluding taxes for repairing the water damage, at € 223,438.

In addition to the decoration work, the quote includes lots of electrical work and even floor repairs.

The description on the sales site notes that “the buyer will have to face a lot of work due to serious water damage”.

“All kinds of accommodation projects for people are likely to be warmly welcomed by the municipalities, whether they are bed and breakfasts, lodges or a family home,” said the spokesperson for ‘Agorastore.

“Other projects will also be under consideration, but buyers should remember that the castle is in the Ballons des Voges regional natural park, so the project will have to fall within the guidelines to protect the region.

It could be a good time for the chateau to go up for sale, as estate agents specializing in chateau sales are seeing record interest and sales, which started in the first period of foreclosure.

They say buyers are divided between those looking for a family home and those who see the opportunity to buy a chateau as part of a working project, with plans for everything from hotels to art galleries.

The most demanded properties are within an hour of urban centers with good transport links to Paris and high speed internet connections.

Belfort is only 25 km from the city of Basel in Switzerland, which has an international airport, and is located on the A36 motorway and on the TGV Rhine-Rhône line, with a TGV station outside the center. city.

For more details on the Chateau Léguillon auction, see Agorastore’s website at this link.

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