Jason Newsted responds to why he always wore a Metallica shirt during his tenure with the band

In a new interview with Talk Toomey, former Metallica bass player Jason News replied why he always wore a Metallica t-shirt on stage during his tenure with the Heavy metal bandaged.

Updated joined Metallica in 1986 as a bassist. They released a total of eleven albums together. When the time came for 2001, Updated had to announce that he had split from the group, and Robert trujillo became the band’s new bassist for $ 1 million after their split.

However, during her recent appearance on Knotfest’s Talk Toomey, Jason newsted discussed one of the most curious questions of himself. He said when the interviewer asked him why he was still wearing Metallica t-shirt on stage that he believed himself and his band Metallica.

“I would do whatever I could, what was in my power, to promote and transmit our success,” he continued. “I would sacrifice myself in any way I ask; there were no limits. I would do whatever it took, whatever I could, given my limited knowledge and experience, to play my role to the best of my ability to make us succeed.

“Stealing the colors made me – as Jason Isbell says – ‘a black metal t-shirt, my shield’. It was. And it always has been. And that was the name of my fucking band up front. And guess what? There is no bigger one.

“So I wear this proudly – I wear my colors more proudly than any Hell’s Angel or anything through time.”

“And a little note that goes along with doing what I can for the cause. If you come back and talk to the guy after the show who’s coming over to talk about Lars’ dough… He’s been over everything else by 40 percent. So take this with you, okay?

“And everyone gets that money – the manager, the team guy, the band guy. Everyone shares this money. There you are, my brother.

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