Jinjer at Big Night Live in Boston, MA

Ukrainian metal band Jinjer bring Suicide Silence and All Hail The Yeti to Boston’s Big Night Live on their Come to America 2021 Tour.

A sea of ​​metalheads lined up just before the doors opened. This is a somewhat unknown site for this relatively new installation.

As you entered the hall, the first thing you noticed was the stage set up with illuminated candles surrounding the drums. There was also an old-style drape lined with candles, skulls and flowers on the stage. It was for the first group Hail to the Yeti. They brought their unique style to the scene. Members of the group came out with partially painted faces. Once on stage, they wasted no time. What they were about to deliver was a heavy, punchy performance. As they were the first opening band, they didn’t have much time to do an entire set as the night was packed with full lineup. Their opening song, “Suicide Woods” from their eponymous 2016 release, quickly filled the crowd with excitement. After a few more punchy songs, “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” from the Wizard of Oz, was heard over the speakers. Lead singer Connor Garrity announced to the crowd, “This song is about a girl I once knew who became“ Witch Is Dead. ”They played a few more songs and it was time for them to. complete their little set They finished with their last song of the evening “After The Great Fire”.

The next was the mighty Suicidal silence. As soon as they started playing, you could instantly feel the floor of the new room rumbling under your feet. They came on stage and started playing “Unanswered”, from their album The purification. Before the third song, the singer pointed to a fan in the crowd and asked if he knew what the Death Wall is. He nodded and got into position. The singer then shouted, “Let’s start it. In no time, it was total chaos, bodies flying everywhere. The ensemble was filled with brutal and heavy songs. Before the song “Hold Me Up Hold Me Down”, the singer announced to the crowd, “Make sure to thank all security, all the guys in the back, the people at the soundboard and all the bartenders. “Without them we wouldn’t be here. They continued to end their short set with” No Pity For A Coward “.

The next one to take the stage was the one fans have been waiting for, a Ukrainian metal band Jinjer directed by Tatiana Shmayluk. Stage lights were dimmed to show off the glow of Tatiana’s unique eyeliner among other blacklight-like objects. Tatiana jumped up front and began to deliver, singing the song “Call Me a Symbol”. They continuously continued to play a mix of songs, such as “Pit of Consciousness”, “Judgment (& Punishment)” and also “Teacher Teacher”. There were mosh pits, surfers and utter chaos throughout the club. The fans gave off an atmosphere full of energy and excitement. Shortly after, Tatiana told the excited crowd: “This next song is dedicated to all the Wallflowers.” The pinch of the intro on the guitar made the crowd scream with excitement. Soon after, the incredible show was drawing to a close with only a few songs remaining. The fans had the time of their lives. After what was to be their last song from the “Colossus” set, there was a brief encore. Jinjer’s incredible spectacle ended with their last song of the night “Vortex” which left fans desperate for more.

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