KK Downing opens ugly period with Rob Halford after leaving Judas Priest

In a new interview with Classic rock, classic Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing opened up on a horrific time that he and his band members experienced with the band’s singer Rob halford after he decided to leave the group and revealed that Halford owes him.

Rob halford is the lead singer of the heavy metal band Judas Priest, which was formed in 1969. He first joined them in 1973, four years later the group was formed, until his departure in 1992. After parting ways with Priest, Halford had formed a group called Struggle. But in 2003 he joined the group and still rock the scene for fans.

Throughout his career with Judas Priest, Rob halford released twenty studio albums. Releasing their debut with the group in 1974, titled Rocka rolla, Halfordthe last Priest the album was Firepower, which was released in 2018.

Recently, classic Priest guitarist KK Downing commented his friend Rob halfordthe words of Judas Priest after leaving the group. Tear down touched Halfordjoined the group and said he had brought it back to the group.

“At the end of the day, Rob knows I was the guy who brought him back to Priest,” he says.

“Glenn [Tipton, guitar] wasn’t happy with that, and I understood it because after he left Rob said a few things about the band – a lot more than I ever did.

“If I had had the choice, I think Rob would have brought me back into the squad. We had fought so many battles together and traveled so many miles.

Guitarist responds if he forgave Halford for leaving Judas Priest

The investigator also asked Tear down that if he forgave Rob halford to go Judas Priest. When the interviewer called back Tear down that he previously stated that Rob halford should never sing with Priest again because he doesn’t deserve it, Tear down ugly period mentioned.

“Well, everything got really ugly – Rob’s debut album [with Fight] was called “War of words”. It was a nasty business, ”he says.

“Look, artists have tough temperaments. There is good, bad and ugly in all of us and we are turned on by things.

“How many times have you broken up with a girlfriend and said never again, and a year later she’s back?” Crap happens in life.

“Rob is a great performer, everyone knows that. But he’s sensitive. I can’t guarantee to say all the right things in an interview because – everyone is human. “

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