Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females shares dynamic new song and new video “Black Hole” from upcoming solo album Peace Meter

Screaming Females' Marissa Paternoster shares dynamic new song and video

This Friday, Marissa Paternoster releases her solo album Peace counter. In anticipation of the album, the artist shared their third and final single, “Black Hole”. The music video for the track captures the sense of nostalgia and confusion that emanates from the song, as the singer fidgets in a chair, wondering how she is going to go on without her lover.

Artist Screaming Females is working with several other musicians on the upcoming album, including Andy Gibbs of metal band Thou, Shanna Polley of Snakeskin and Kate Wakefield of Lung.

“This song could be one of the most faithful encapsulations of what Noun would sound like when Andy Gibbs, Marissa Paternoster, Shanna Polley and Kate Wakefield all contributed equally,” Paternoster said in a press release. “Andy added appropriately driven drums. Shanna sang like a bird on every appropriate measure, and Kate thought of sitting this one!

Paternoster has shared the first two singles from the album over the past two months. In October, she comes out “White dove”, Which juxtaposes the recent release with its peaceful simplicity. The second single “I lost you, “however, expresses the same kind of loneliness one hears in” Black Hole “.

Peace counter will be available on December 3rd via Don Giovanni Records. It is available for Pre-order now.


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