Max Cavalera reveals the real reason for Marc Rizzo’s departure from Soulfly

Soulfly singer Max Cavalera talked about his former bandmate The departure of Marc Rizzo of the group and said they broke up for personal reasons.

As some of you may know, Marc Rizzo was the lead guitarist of the Heavy metal bandaged Soulfly from 2003 to 2021. Throughout his career with the group, the guitarist appeared in eight Soulfly albums in total.

However, in a recent appearance on Max Trax, Cavalera revealed the real reason for Marc Rizzopart of Soulfly. He wished the guitarist the best and thanked him for his 18 years of friendship.

“Right now, for the tribe, I want to talk about something happening with Soulfly”, Cavalera noted. “Of course, this is Marc Rizzo. He did not leave the group. We decided to separate from him for personal reasons.

“I wish Marc the best in his career. I want to thank Marc for the 18 years spent with Soulfly.

Cavalera can’t wait to perform with Dino Cazares on tour in the United States

(photo: Jim Louvau)

After announcing on August 5 that Fear factory guitarist Dino Cazares will appear with Soulfly during their tour of the United States, Cavalera expressed his enthusiasm. He said that Cazares went to Phoenix to rehearse with the band. He also thrilled fans by saying that they were working together on a new Soulfly song.

“I am very happy that we are bringing our friend Dino to play guitar with us for the next US tour,” he added. “The show has to go on. Dino is an OG riffmaster. One of my favorite riffers.

“He’s on ‘Eye For An Eye’; that’s how long me and Dino have been going back. I got them to sign; Fear Factory, I got them signed, because I liked their demo so much and I showed it to Monte.

“Dino will come here. We’re going to start training. We might even add some Dino classics to it for the set for you guys.

“And we’re playing a brand new Soulfly song for the future for the next album; we’re going to play it on this next tour. So be there to watch two legends, Max Cavalera and Dino Cazares, on a stage together. It’s going to be a sick tour starting August 20th.

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