Melbourne Water Corps launches new campaign to promote water saving

Greater Western Water, Melbourne Water, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water came together this month to launch the ‘Make Every Drop Count’, empowering Melbourne residents to help protect the city from future water shortages.

The campaign engages the community and water conservation experts to share mindful hacks to save water.

It will also help Melbourne residents take small, but collectively high-impact steps to reduce their average daily individual water consumption from 159 to 155 liters per day, as recommended by the Government of Victoria. Target 155 water conservation program.

The joint initiative follows a recent survey, Saving Water in Melbourne (SWiM) conducted by Melbourne water companies, which found:

  • Residents of Melburn think water conservation is very or extremely important (80%), but nearly a third admit they don’t think they are doing enough to save water (29%).
  • Common methods used by Melburnians to save water include limiting shower time (38%), installing a water-efficient showerhead (57%) and always turning off the tap while they are standing. shave or brush their teeth (63%).
  • Most Melbourne residents admit they don’t know the recommended amount of water per person per day (61%) or their actual daily consumption (62%).

Speaking on behalf of Melbourne’s water companies, Yarra Valley Water’s managing director, Pat McCafferty, said: “We know Melburnians want to save water for future generations and will no doubt rise to the challenge of save four liters a day. We can’t wait to see the creative water conscious tips shared that will collectively make a huge difference.

With the city’s population expected to nearly double by 2051 and the changing environment affecting water supplies over the next 30 years, the 155 liter target is just one of many actions to securing Melbourne’s water supply for the future.

Parliamentary Secretary for Water Harriet Shing hailed the efforts of the four water companies to help Victoria become a leader in water conservation.

“As Melbourne grows and we face the challenge of a drier climate, we must help protect our precious water supplies so we can continue to meet critical needs during dry spells and ensure we have enough water for agriculture, cultural values ​​and open green spaces,” she said. noted.

“Thanks to input from the Victoria desalination plant and recent wetter than average rainfall, our water reservoirs are currently healthy, but we know we need to do more in the future, including saving water. water where we can.”

Melburnians can share their water-saving tips on social media using the hashtag #MakeEveryDropCount, or they can submit their tips directly through the Make Every Drop Count website.

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