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Housing tax reductions

It should also be remembered that it is possible to obtain municipal tax reductions and even exemptions when people are entitled to them. Those who receive state support are likely to face lower bills.

Andrews continued: “It is also essential to check whether you are entitled to a reduction on your council tax, as this could save you a substantial amount over the course of the year. For example, if you are the only adult at the address, currently receiving benefits or benefiting from a universal credit, you may be entitled to a reduction of up to 25% on your residence tax.

“If you, or someone you live with, are a caregiver, or have a health problem or disability, you can also request a reduction. People diagnosed with serious mental health issues are also eligible for a discount. Most students can apply for exemption from paying council tax, meaning they won’t have to pay anything, however, this does not happen automatically – students should visit the government website to verify their eligibility for a reduction.

“The discounts and exemptions are backdated, so if you overpaid, you might be able to claim the money. The same goes for a refund for being in the wrong tax bracket, which means you could, in theory, back date the payments to the 1990s, a significant amount in most cases.

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