Pop group and Dennis Bovell share a new dub version of “She Is Beyond Good And Evil”, Y (In Dub) released on October 29


Pop group and Dennis Bovell share a new dub version of

English rock band The Pop Group and legendary producer Dennis “Blackbeard” Bovell MBE have shared a new track from their upcoming album Y in Dub, which is a dub version of The Pop Group’s landmark debut album, Y. “She is Beyond Good & Evil (Dennis Bovell Dub version)” is a groovy ambient song that features vocal echoes and punchy percussion.

Originally released in 1979, “She Is Beyond Good And Evil” is a critically acclaimed track that has received a wide assortment of accolades, including NMESingles of the year. The post-punk song is an amalgamation of genres including punk, funk, dub and noise. The original version features hauntingly beautiful vocal lines and mystifying instrumentation.

“She is Beyond Good & Evil (Dennis Bovell Dub version)” channels the bizarre energy of the original version and goes beyond it. This new version is almost twice as long and has an entirely different feel. The vocals are bigger and clearer in the mix. The instrumentation is more dynamic thanks to an echo effect. The bass line is also much louder. The song has reggae sections that Bovell incorporated into the structure of the song. These sections give the song a bouncy groove that was not found in the original version. While the original rendition of this song was a raw and energetic post punk expression, Bovell’s version has the character of a whimsical, jazzy stupor.

Y in Dub will be released on October 29 via Mute on CD and digital platforms. On March 25, an LP release will be available. The album is available for pre-order here.

The next album will mirror the tracklist of the band’s original release in 1979. Y in Dub is a nine-track redesign of the original Yes Release. The new releases will pay homage to the artistic vision of the original songs and will also incorporate dub and reggae elements. With Bovell at the helm, this project will fracture, shatter and split the original tracks with a satisfying result, both compelling and unexpected.

Y in Dub List of tracks

1. Fire thief (double version)
2. Snowgirl (dubbed version)
3. Blood money (dubbed version)
4. Wild sea (dubbed version)
5. We are time (Dub Version)
6. Words disobey me (dub version)
7. Don’t Call Me Pain (Dub Version)
8. Boys from Brazil (Dub Version)
9. Don’t sell your dreams (dub version)



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