“Venom” Tom Hardy says “We have to put Grendel in Venom 3!”


Actors, directors and writers research their source material. When it comes to comics, digging through decades and decades of comics can be a challenge. The Venom 2 Director Andy Serkis and actor Tom Hardy were asked about their knowledge of Marvel symbiotes, revealing new characters who could have seeded Hardy’s head for Venom 3.

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In a video from IGN’s YouTube channel, host Francesca Rivera challenged the knowledge of the director and actor duo. Noticing the similarity between the names of the Marvel and Death Metal symbiote bands, she tested their knowledge.

By mentioning names like Scorn and Lasher, Serkis and Hardy answered most correctly. Only a few baffled them, like Symbiote Mania.

For the last name, Rivera mentioned Grendel. This latest test confused Serkis and Hardy as they checked to see if the other knew the answer.

“It’s a 100% part of the body; that’s a trick question! Hardy laughed. “I know what ‘Grendel’ is. It’s a group. However, he lacked confidence in his answer.

Rivera revealed Grendel as the monstrous dragon-symbiote. Neither had heard of the creature, which prompted Hardy to exclaim, “We have put Grendel in Venom 3, somewhere!”

How did Grendel appear in the third ‘Venom’?

The Grendel would prove to be a complicated cameo character in Venom 3. The mere existence of it has massive implications.

The dragon was created by Knull, who also created the race of symbiotes, called Klyntars in the comics. The beastly Grendel rampaged across the cosmos before being defeated by Thor and trapped in ice for centuries.

Of course, Grendel has managed to break free nowadays to wreak havoc on Spider-Man and Venom.

Even after his defeat, pieces of the Grendel symbiote merged with Venom, Carnage, and others, creating even more beastly versions of the characters.

Such a colossal villain might prove difficult to just comeo, but maybe a name hints at issues beyond Venom 3 might excite fans.

‘Venom 3’ will likely enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Since Sony Venom appeared on the release lists, fans wondered how Venom could intersect with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Several outlets report that this could become a reality.

A crossbreed of this magnitude might turn out a bit too big to incorporate a massive dragon symbiote like Grendel.

However, Hardy reacted enthusiastically upon hearing of the Grendel. The close working relationship between Serkis and Hardy could easily come true for Venom 3.

And the actor has already admitted that he has ideas for Venom 3.

Marvel has a deep pool of distant characters. As studios dive into more and more obscure titles, like The Eternals, no character is really outside the realm of the possible.

While Hardy could have said the line as a joke, his curiosity piqued. As Sony’s universe expands to incorporate Kraven the hunter and Morbius, more symbiotes and dark Spider-Man villains, as unlikely as they are, could make the leap to the big screen.

Venom: let there be carnage hits theaters on October 1, 2021.

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