Volume 2 of Sondheim Unplugged will feature performances by Danielle Ferland, Telly Leung, Manu Narayan, and more.

The latest in a three-volume series from Yellow Sound Label, this two-disc set includes several performances from Sondheim’s original cast members.

The second volume of Yellow Sound Label Sondheim Unplugged: NYC Sessions The series will be released for streaming, digital purchase and physical CD formats on what would have been the 92nd birthday of the musical theater icon who died on March 22. The two-disc album will feature performances from Danielle Ferland, Telly Leung, Manu Narayan, and more.

Ferland, In the woods‘original Little Red, is one of several original Sondheim cast members featured on the album, a group that also includes A little night musicby George Lee Andrews Passionis George Dvorsky, Company and A little night musicthis is Teri Ralston, Sweeney Toddthis is Sarah Rice, Sunday in the park with Georgeby Melanie Vaughan, and We ride happilyit’s Jim Walton. They are joined by the current Company Broadway revival stars Jeff Kready, Narayan, Nicholas Rodriguez and Tally Sessions; 2009 A little night music revival alum Hunter Ryan Herdlicka; Frogs actor Eric Michael Gillett, and 2004 Pacific Openings revival cast member Leung.

Emily Skinner
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Also featured on the album are Tony nominees Dee Hoty, Sally Mayes and Emily Skinner; Karen Mason, Christina Bianco, Kelli Rabke, Stearns Matthews, Kristy Cates, Lucia Spina, Jacob Hoffman, Ereni Sevasti, Courter Simmons, Lisa Sabin, Rob Maitner, Natalie Arneson, Donna Vivino, T. Oliver Reid, Natalie Douglas, Victoria Cook, Erica Spyres, Julie Reyburn, Leenya Rideout, Evan Harrington, Alexa Green and Gabrielle Straveli. The voice quintet Marquee Five also performs.

The series, based on the popular concert series, aims to present songs from the Tony-winning composer-lyricist’s canon with simple and essential piano-only arrangements, allowing the listener to focus more on the lyrics and music. . The second volume includes some of Sondheim’s most beloved songs, as well as lesser-heard numbers from evening primrose, Redsand an unproduced musical titled sing loud. Listeners can also expect songs from Sondheim’s scores, including Gypsy‘s “Smile, Girls,” A little night music“Silly People” and Everyone can whistle“There will be no trumpets”.

Sondheim disconnected is created and hosted by Phil Geoffrey Bond, who produces this album. Music Director Joseph Goodrich is introduced at the piano.

The first volume of Sondheim disconnected released on December 1, 2021, and the third volume in the series is expected to follow later this year, releasing on June 1.

To pre-order Sondheim Unplugged: The NYC Sessions – Volume 2 and get a preview of Rodriguez’s “Marry Me a Little,” visit SondheimUnplugged.com.

Take a look at the full track list:

disc one
1. Marry Me A Little – Nicholas Rodriguez
2. Can this boy Foxtrot! –Sally Mayes
3. Anyone Can Whistle – Telly Leung
4. Smile, Girls – Lucia Spina
5. Our Time – Jim Walton
6. You could drive a person crazy – Jacob Hoffman
7. Could I leave you? – Dee Hoty
8. Happiness – Ereni Sevasti
9. If You Can Find Me, I’m Here – Broker Simmons
10. Dawn – Lisa Sabin
11. Buddy’s Blues – Rob Maitner
12. Green Finch and Linnet Bird – Sarah Rice
13. There’s Always A Woman – Natalie Arneson & Donna Vivino
14. With so little certainty – T. Oliver Reid
15. Some People – Teri Ralston
16. Losing Your Mind – Natalie Douglas
17. Belle – Natalie Arneson
18. Every day a little death – Victoria Cook & Erica Spyres
19. Giants in the Sky – Hunter Ryan Herdlicka
20. Everybody Loves Louis – Julie Reyburn
21. Sand – Leenya Rideout
22. Finish the Hat – Evan Harrington
23. Being Alive – Karen Mason

disc two
1. Sunday in the Park with George – Christina Bianco
2. More – Courtier Simmons
3. Little Lamb – Alexa Green
4. Johanna – Evan Harrington
5. Agony II – Jeff Kready & Tally Sessions
6. Not A Day Passes – Leenya Rideout
7. Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir – Jacob Hoffman
8. Too Many Mornings / All Things Bright and Beautiful – Eric Michael Gillett & Melanie Vaughan
9. Pretty Lady – Rob Maitner, Julie Reyburn and Lucia Spina
10. Franklin Shepard, Inc. – Manu Narayan
11. Children Will Listen – Emily Skinner
12. Hello, little girl – Danielle Ferland
13. Another Hundred People – Marquee Five
14. I wish I could forget you – George Dvorsky
15. Stupid People – George Lee Andrews
16. Moments in the Woods – Kelli Rabke
17. It Wasn’t Supposed To Happen – Stearns Matthews
18. The Last Midnight – Kristy Cates
19. The Miller’s Son – Gabrielle Stravelli
20. Take Me Out To The World – Julie Reyburn
21. Goodbye For Now – Sarah Rice


Stephanie D’Abruzzo, Julie Reyburn, Alexis Cole, Lane Bradbury, Sarah Rice and more Sing Sondheim Unplugged

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