What is the release date of the animated series “Devil May Cry”?

When it comes to adapting video games to other forms of media, the first reaction seems to be to make movies of them. While the chart of film adaptations for video games is far from stellar, there is also the course of the animated series on Netflix. Concrete example, The devil can cry.

As Capcom’s popular video game series, The devil can cry will soon receive its own animated series on Netflix. The show follows in the footsteps of Castlevania, another adult cartoon based on a game that has been critically acclaimed for four seasons on Netflix.

The devil can cry will also share the same producer as Castlevania to Adi Shankar. Apparently he acquired the rights produce an animated series for DMC so “Hollywood jabronies can’t fuck this one too.” While the series was unveiled in 2018, will it be released soon?

What is the release date of the animated series “Devil May Cry”?

The The devil can cry The video game series began in 2001 and typically follows the dark, gothic adventures of a demon hunter named Dante. As half-human and half-demon himself, the arrogant and confident Dante runs his own odd-job store where he helps customers with demon-related incidents. He uses a variety of weapons and his own patented flashy combat to take down his enemies as quickly and elegantly as possible.

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The series includes six games (including a reboot), with its latest installment being the critically acclaimed game The devil can cry 5 in 2019. Throughout the series, Dante faces off against the gods of the demon world, magical religious cults, and even his own brother and fiercest rival, Vergil.

The devil can cry previously had an anime released in 2007 that took place between the first game and the years 2003 Devil May Cry 2, although Home for the anime was mixed.

In a recent interview with IGN, producer Adi Shankar spoke at length about details regarding the upcoming Devil May Cry: The Animated Series. According to Adi, the scripts for season 1 are officially over.

“They are rad,” he said IGN. “I couldn’t be more excited.”

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Source: Capcom

Adi also revealed that the series is set for multiple seasons, with the first season running eight episodes. He has also confirmed that Vergil and the Weapons Expert Lady will appear on the series. He then cheekily assured that Chris Pratt, who has been announced to voice several classic characters in animated adaptations, will not be involved in the The devil can cry spectacle.

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If the inclusion of Vergil and Lady is any indication, the first season could adapt the events of Devil May Cry 3: Awakening Dante. Widely regarded as one of the best games in the series, DMC 3 is an origin story that describes how Dante first opened his shop and explores the sibling rivalry between him and Vergil.

Sadly, Adi hasn’t provided any solid release date for the series. But according to him, the studio plans to go into production in early 2022.

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