Yellowstone actor Jefferson White explains the brand’s iconic scene

At Yellowstone, wrangler Jimmy Hurdstrom was branded with a “Y” iron three and a half years ago, but actor Jefferson White remembers it vividly, very Good. This story is one of the first of what is sure to be dozens of behind-the-scenes explorations of the adorable star of the show and his cast mates.

As a host of the new Official Yellowstone Podcast, White will visit stars including Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton), Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler), Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton), Jen Landon (Teeter) and more. The weekly podcast – presented by and recorded at Wynn Las Vegas – dropped from Ep. 1 on Thursday (December 9). White told Taste of Country’s Billy Dukes about his new gig and some of his favorite theories and scenes from the show for the Taste of country nights, on demand Podcast.

“I’ll never forget it,” White said of his branding. If your memory is hazy or you have picked up Yellowstone During season 4, Jimmy was brought to John Dutton’s ranch at the behest of his grandfather. At the time he was a drug addict, so John Dutton said the only way to hire him would be if he could score him, which means lifelong loyalty to the ranch and vice versa. Rip makes the actual mark in a trailer. Series co-creator Taylor Sheridan directed this episode, titled “Daybreak”.

“It was very important to him that this scene was real,” begins White. “Part of what was important to achieve that effect was the smoke, sorting or increasing the mark. The only way we could figure out how to achieve that was if Cole Hauser… uses a really overheated mark.”

So, while trying to act terrified in his very first scene on the show, White was holding a piece of wood with leather stretched over it, directly to his chest. Hauser then marked the leather, which was about an inch from White’s chest.

“I will never forget the smell, which was very powerful and genuine,” adds the actor. “And I will never forget the warmth that the brand gave off at that time.”

Jimmy’s character has come a long way since that time. In S1E1, he blows up “Judith” of the metal band Perfect Circle, but by S4E7 he establishes himself among the cowboys of the legendary 6666 Ranch in West Texas. The full conversation with Taste of Country explores this strange road and the transformation the actor and character went through.

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