🌱 Typical Manhattan rent over $3,000 + New York schools face budget cut

Happy Thursday! Rents are at record highs in Manhattan, schools in New York are facing potential multi-million dollar budget cuts, and “shrinkflation” is officially upon us. Plus, Katy Perry’s biggest fan rode around town in her cherry-red motorbike. Have a nice day.

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Costs; morning rain. High: 80 Low: 62.

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Here are the top five stories in New York today:

  1. Rent in Manhattan (and around the city) is at an all-time high, according to a new study. The average apartment rent in April was $3,925, a 32% increase from April 2021. The price of a three-bedroom apartment can reach $6,000. (New York City crest)
    • Speaking of high prices, all but two Manhattan Council members are urging the Rent Guidelines Board not to approve a 2-6% rent increase on rent-stabilized units. (New York City crest)
  2. NYC Schools principles and education advocates are concerned about the prospect of a $215 million budget cut from the Department of Education. The cut, they say, would prevent them from implementing a recently passed law to reduce class sizes. The city government cites declining enrollment as the cause of the cuts. (New York Post)
  3. To get inflation, New York City’s latest trend is “shrinkflation”. Indeed, as the price of products at the grocery store has gone up, the quantity of a given serving or serving has also gone down. (New York City crest)
  4. Governor Kathy Hochul took on Democratic main challengers Jumaane Williams and Tom Suozzi in a debate on Tuesday night. The three argued over topics ranging from gun control to reproductive rights, but eventually found common ground around ghosts, which they all believe in. (gothamist)
  5. It is “time to decide whether we are going to be a nation of laws or a confederation of chaos”. That’s what Mayor Adams told Congress on Wednesday during a trip to Washington. defend gun safety laws it would make background checks mandatory and raise the age for buying semi-automatic weapons. (NY Politics)

Photo of the day in New York:

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“On the corner of Broad Street and Wall Street in FiDi.” Photo courtesy of Mark J. Marshall

Two communities in Manhattan and Brooklyn are fighting for historic preservation:

  • An Upper West Side community council has voted against revoking the historic status of a historic church. The owners of the church say they do not have enough economic resources to carry out the necessary renovations. (New York City crest)
  • In Bed-Stuy, neighbors scramble to save a beloved French Gothic-style mansion from demolition. If it is torn down, developers plan to build condos in its place. (New York City crest)
An image of West-Park Presbyterian Church on the Upper West Side. (Photo credit: Gus Saltonstall)

Upcoming events to celebrate:

  • The very first”Juneteenth FREEDOM Crawlarrives in Bed-Stuy on Saturday, June 18. (New York City Patch)
  • This Saturday a big block party will fill the streets near East Harlem’s “Restaurant Row”. (New York City crest)
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park just released in full outdoor summer movie program. First place: before sunrise on July 7. (secret nyc)

Today in New York:

  • HSBID Presents: Diego Ramirez Jazz Trio at Spring Street Park (12 p.m.)
  • The Consulate General of France will host an exhibition of Haitian art (6 p.m.)
  • The Clarion Orchestra and Choir — Josquin Marathon at the Met Cloisters (7 p.m.)
  • City Key: Summer at the Library – Virtual Event (7 p.m.)
  • The Crazy Show at the Broadway Comedy Club (9:30 p.m.)

Crime Corner:

  • Someone tore down a pride flag reading ‘A Fair World For All’ which hung above the entrance to a church in Forest Hills. “I was shocked because it has a very inclusive message that reflects Jesus Christ well,” Reverend Dr. Fred Weidmann said. (New York City crest)
  • Oa person was arrested for slashing two teenagers at an Upper West Side McDonald’s Tuesday morning, according to police. (New York City crest)
  • Cops are looking for a gunman who participated in a broad daylight shooting in Woodside on Tuesday afternoon. (New York City crest)

From my notebook:

  • Former President Trump and two of his children will testify under oath on Friday, July 15, as part of New York Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation into the Trump Organization. (New York 1)
  • Albany Major Bug Alert! Hundreds of cockroaches were apparently released into an upstate New York courtroom, prompting the building to be shut down for fumigation. (NBC New York)
  • “Just put a fucking mask on the train,” reads a parody poster of the MTA on the W train. (Twitter)
  • A man who blasts Katy Perry from his cherry red motorbike caused a stir yesterday as the crowd cheered him on. (New York City crest)

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