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So many great rock and metal bands have been rocked by the instability of their line-up. Slipknot, Guns N ‘Roses, Paramore and System Of A Down are just a few of the big names whose time as a group has hardly been clear, with fights and tensions resulting in public breakups between the members, and on some occasions even resign. Events like this aren’t a criticism – most bands that have spent more than a decade together will experience roster changes – but given the regularity with which bands lose members or argue, it’s always nice to see. bands that have been together for a while and clearly remain best friends.

From pop-punk beginners to big names in metal, these ten the groups all have incredibly healthy friendships with each other…

Green day

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool spent more than 30 years together at Green Day, and they remain as close now as they were in their youth. The trio stayed together through a whirlwind of success, as well as odd issues here and there, and it never felt like the roster’s stability had been threatened. Above all, the atmosphere within the group is always fun, which Billie Joe explained to Kerrang! in our cover story on 2020 LP Father of all … We did these long jam sessions and put lights and videos in all the rooms, and it was just fun, ”he said of the positivity of the group’s creative process. It felt more like an event than a rehearsal. And I have to say that none of it really sounded Well. It was just fun and we were making a mess. And I think with Green Day, the first thing that comes to my mind when you make a record is first of all to do stupid things. “

twenty-one pilots

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are like brothers. Since the beginning of our friendship, we’ve always been on the same page, ”that’s how Josh described their relationship with Kerrang! earlier this year, and it’s clear the duo are able to extend that relationship to Skeleton Clique members around the world that what they have between them is pretty special. While twenty-one pilots continue to evolve in alt. music icons, expect this connection to only get stronger.

Twenty One Pilots Scaled And Icy 2021 photo credit Ashley Osborn

Type “Shikari

Enter Shikari has always been Rou Reynolds, Chris Batten, Rob Rolfe and Rory Clewlow, and it would be weird to have him any other way. Few groups can survive for more than two decades without at least one member leaving the ship, but it still feels like the members of Enter Shikari share a united vision, and it is a vision that constantly pushes them to produce music and art ahead of the curve. .

Shikari Brooklyn Blog 1

Biffy Clyro

A bunch of literally – well, two-thirds, at least – brothers, Biffy Clyros the current status of one of the UKThe leading rock heavyweights lie in the close ties of friendship and family that exist within the group. The core is the three of us together, with this light DIY chip on our shoulder, ”bassist James Johnston told Kerrang! of their relationship. The changes we have experienced as individuals and collectively have all happened naturally and have happened. together, so we were able to take our learnings from the group into our lives, and our learnings from life in the group.

Biffy Clyro Kerrang header credit Paul Harries

Lower than ever

Another inseparable band that has been together from the start, the members of All Time Low have grown from kids hanging out together at concerts to one of the friendliest bands in modern rock. Currently having one of the greatest moments of their career thanks to the success of Wake Up, Sunshine single Monsters, ATL are proof that staying together and believing in your group is the key to longevity.

December 2020 All Time Low promo

Water parks

The relationship between Firebrand frontman Awsten Knight and fellow Waterparks Otto Wood and Geoff Wigington is the definition of sane. While he may hyperactively tease his group mates on social media, it’s Awsten’s fondness for Otto and Geoff that shines through. Watch this interview we did with the band at the Reading Festival 2016, which quickly turns into a juvenile game of tosses…

Jawn Rocha Water Parks 2021 3


They went to hell and came back, but the members of Architects did it together. By doing things on their own terms and on their terms, the impenetrable unity within the group is a testament to the strength of character that Sam Carter, Dan Searle and the rest of their fellow Architects exude. In addition to their monumental music, it is the love and friendship at the heart of the group that make them an integral part of the UKof the metal scene.

Kerrang Architects Exclusive Letterhead Credit Ed Mason

Bring me the horizon

Bring Me The Horizon suffered from a little line-up instability early in their career, but since the band split from former guitarist Jona Weinhofen in 2013, things look solid. The boys of Sheffield share true camaraderie, while the friendship and mutual respect between frontman Oli Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish is the driving force behind much of what they do, with Oli leading the way on the greats. themes and ideas from Bring Me, and Jordan tweaking the musical intricacies that tie it all together. A group with a gang mentality that has become a rock phenomenon, the bonds that have formed between these hair-raising Yorkshire guys over the course of 15 years ago remain intact to this day.

The Bring Me The Horizon group in 2020


Full 20 years without line-up drama are a testament to the friendship at the heart of Mastodon. Speaking to Red Bull Music Academy, bassist Troy Sanders described the environment within the band as a four-man marriage ”. I don’t have many friends apart from these three guys that I have since 17 years, ”he said. So I think we survived most friendships and most marriages. Again, we have a four-way marriage. I’m proud of it.

Mastodon July 2020 Promo

Meet me at the altar

They are much younger and have never been together for as long as the other bands featured here, but there is a real sense of unity in K’s ranks! cover stars Meet Me @ The Altar. Edith Johnson, Téa Campbell, and Ada Juarez all met online and spent their early years as a band living in different states across the United States, but although they couldn’t spend as much time together as a band. average, they still built an insane amount of momentum, which ultimately led to them signing with Fueled By Ramen last year. Now with the release of great news PE The Citizen model in the bag, the Meet Me @ The Altar look is ready to change the face of pop-punk for good.

MMATA Jonathan Weiner 2021 4

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