8 new thriller and horror movies and shows to watch in May 2022

Although it’s not quite summer movie season, May is already delivering some highly anticipated horror movies, like Fire starter and Men. Meanwhile, TV is leaning heavily into the true crime genre, adapting series based on the murders of Kathleen Peterson and Betty Gore. Plus, there’s the return of a few popular genre series, including fan-favorite stranger things. With so many releases in May, here are eight thriller and horror shows and movies to watch this month.

The Staircase hits HBO Max, May 5

For true crime fans, The staircase will hopefully be a home run. With its powerful cast – Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Parker Posey and Sophie Turner – The staircase is a scripted adaptation of the documentary of the same name. This documentary focused on the murder of Kathleen Peterson and the trial of her husband, Michael; therefore, viewers will get a courtroom drama and a murder mystery in one. The documentary kept audiences spellbound in 2005, so now it’s up to this series to do the same.

Tehran returns to Apple TV+ on May 6

For those who want a thriller outside of the true detective genre, Tehran offers in terms of spy drama. This marks the second season of the series, which focuses on a hacker attempting to take down a nuclear reactor; however, things backfire and she is now trapped in her fake life, putting herself and those close to her in danger. Season 1 is still on Apple TV+ for those looking to catch up.

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Candy debuts on Hulu, May 9

Another adaptation of a real event, Candy follows the story of Candy Montgomery, a woman who infamously killed her best friend, Betty Gore after having an affair with Betty’s husband. Starring Jessica Biel as the titular killer, Candy is another entry in Hulu’s true crime library, joining popular series such as Stroy American Crime and The act – both available on the streaming service today.

Firestarter hits theaters May 13

Stephen King has no shortage of adaptations of his famous novels, This for the brilliant. In May, another horror novel by King hits the big screen with Fire starter. Here, Ryan Kiera Armstrong plays Charlie, a little girl who can conjure fire. Fearing the government will use him as a weapon, his parents try to keep Charlie a secret, but as his powers grow it gets harder and harder, setting up this movie to feel a bit like Carrie and a bit like Brightburn.

The Essex Serpent starts May 13 on Apple TV+

For those who miss LokiTom Hiddleston is back on the small screen as he joins Claire Danes in this adaptation of Sarah Perry’s gothic novel, The Essex Serpent. Cora Seaborne of the Danes decides to move to Essex in pursuit of a mythical snake, eventually developing a relationship with Will Ransome of Hiddleston. On top of that, there are rumors that Cora somehow attracts the creature, setting up modern gothic with fantastical and mysterious elements.

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Men Hits Theatres, May 20

A24 has a solid track record when it comes to their horror movies, as seen with titles like Hereditary, Midsommar and X. Hopefully Men will join that list, as the trailer promises the strong and unique visuals often associated with A24. After a woman’s husband dies under mysterious circumstances, she takes time for herself, but on her journey she becomes the subject of some strange and menacing men.

Torn Hearts is available digitally, May 20

Blumhouse has no shortage of horror movies up its sleeve, with the studio also having a hand in the above. Fire starter. This month also sees the digital release of Torn Hearts, with Katey Sagal, Abby Quinn, Alexxis Lemire with Joshua Leonard and Shiloh Fernandez. This country music horror movie tells the story of two budding stars who try to meet their idol in hopes of collaborating, but all is not as it seems.

Stranger Things returns to Netflix on May 27

There is no doubt that stranger things is one of Netflix’s most popular series, almost instantly becoming a pop culture icon in its first season. The show continues to go strong, now entering its fourth season. stranger things, Season 3 ended with the band splitting up as Will and Eleven drifted apart and Hopper seemingly died; however, in season 4, the kids come together to take on the next big threat, and with the fact that Hopper will return in some capacity, fans can’t wait to see what horrific and fantastical twists await them in season four.

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