A Day in the Life of K-pop Group Members: Exercise, Train, Sleep, Rehearse

The phrase “blood, sweat and tears” is not just the title of the famous song by South Korean musical sensation BTS, but a reality for the majority of upcoming K-pop groups who persevere to forge their identity. and command respect from the public.

As shimmering and flashy as the life of a K-pop idol group can seem under the arclights, the effort to be perfect – both in voice and appearance – is a tall order.

On a typical workday, the routine begins with exercises and vocal training for girl group Cherry Bullet. But Jiwon, a singer-rapper in the seven-member group, said that whenever she has free time, she loves to spend most of it winking and eating.

”I have to sleep a lot. Maybe 12 o’clock. On my day off, I was enjoying food, watching dramas, drinking coffee, then falling back to sleep again,’ she told PTI here.

Each member of Cherry Bullet, managed by the agency FNC Entertainment, has individual schedules. Also present were five other members – leader Haeyoon, Bora, May, Remi and Yoojoo.

Seventh Cherry Bullet member Chaerin missed the program as she is currently busy with the “sageuk” (Korean period drama) “Under the Queen’s Umbrella,” with famous Korean star Kim Hye-soo in the title role. .

Jiwon said she was watching ”Under the Queen’s Umbrella” to support fellow member Chaerin. Two of Cherry Bullet’s youngest members, May and Remi, are still studying in high school.

”It’s difficult to have a balance between work and studies. Finding balance is another joy in our lives. It’s exhausting,’ they said.

Artists are generally on a diet.

”We are in show business, we should always be on a diet. This is very important for stage appearances. We train hard, especially when we have to sing and perform live,” said the septet, known for songs like ”Aloha Oe” and most recently ”Love in Space”.

For boy band DKZ – popular for the songs ‘Uh-Heung’ and ‘Cupid’ – it’s all about being on the move. The members are group leader Jong Hyeong, Kyoung Yoon, Se Hyeon, Min Gyu, Jae Chan, Gi Seok, and Mun Ik – who requested absence due to not feeling well.

”If there is a schedule, we start our day with a visit to the hair and makeup salon. Then we go to where the next activity is,’ Se Hyeon told PTI.

If there’s no schedule, they practice their performances to “gain confidence and improve their skills,” he said.

”Hobbies differ from person to person. Some are walking, others are listening to songs,” he added.

According to Kyoung Yoon, group members can meet with their respective families after getting permission from their agency. DKZ, formerly called Dongkidz, was formed by Dongyo Entertainment in 2019.

”We only meet our families on vacation. But if we stick to our schedule, we can’t meet them until the preparation process is complete. If there are other engagements besides the extra program, we have to wait to meet our friends,’ the singer added.

After hours of training together and waiting for auditions to make the cut as a group, the members find solace in each other as a family away from home.

Cherry Bullet member May, who is Japanese, said the group was very welcoming to her.

”I am Japanese. At first it was really difficult but all the older sisters helped me. So I think now I feel like part of their family,” she added.

Following the worldwide popularity of K-pop groups like BTS, EXO, Seventeen and Blackpink, there is an unspoken expectation from every group of rookies to hit the bar set by their elders in the industry. When asked if the pressure was intimidating, DKZ group leader Jong Hyeong said yes. However, they choose to rise above the pitfalls of fame and success, he added.

“Frankly, we have the pressure to succeed, but we choose not to obsess over it. Because if we only focus on that, we will lose our way to achieve our goals,’ Jong Hyeong said.

According to Jae Chan, the members of BTS, who are soon to embark on their compulsory military enlistment, have facilitated their entry into the global market.

“Other junior groups, including us, should strive to maintain K-pop (high) status.” So, are there advantages to being a group rather than an individual artist? Cherry Bullet’s leader Haeyoon pointed out, “Since we’ve never been in the field as a solo artist, I can only talk about the benefits of being in a group. The biggest advantage is that we can complement each other because we all have our different charms and attractions. “In the future, both groups Cherry Bullet and DKZ have said that they would like to tour India.

“I wish I could visit India one day because there are a lot of Lullets (Cherry Bullet fan group name) there,” Yoojoo said.

DKZ member Jae Chan, who visited India as a child, said he would like to visit the country once again.

”I found India really impressive and fun. So if we are ever allowed, I would love to visit India with our band and have a concert to meet our fans there,’ he said.

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