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The junk log is a hot New tendency, but for me, it brought me some calm after my busy days. In my eyes, this is simply the combination of scrapbooking and journaling.

People can make their spreads around a certain theme while others use scraps of paper, stickers, and various washi tapes. According to the design, it can take a few hours to a few days. When they are finished, some download them on their social media sites like ICT Tac and Instagramand they end up going viral.

There are many websites to geyou supplies such as Amazon and Etsy. I recommend the scrapbooking aisles in Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. This way you can see exactly What you get compared to buying something online and risk This is another thing.

If you want to start junk logging, you will need the following:

Hhardcover journal: A blank journal from a bullet journal company such as Leuchtturn or Artist’s Loft (Michael’s) where they have dots, grids, lines and blank pages. It can also be a sketchbook, but be sure to place anything 3D (like stickers or rhinestones) carefully, so that the seam of the book does not break.

Various scrapbook sheets: Ask a family member or anyone local if they sell or get rid of scrapbook paper scraps. PThe art of this is to tear the paper to create ripped edges.

DIY scissors: A pair that differs from your traditional kitchen scissors or fabric scissors. I learned in fashion school never to use scissors meant to cut fabric for paper.

Various stickers: These are great for match your spreads theme. I noticed that some creators use stickers completely cover something they placed because they didn’t like how it looked.

Glue: YesYou will need a glue stick Where adhesive glue to make sure your scraps of paper are in place attached to your diary.

The junk journal has spread.
Photo by DeVoe.
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