ACCEPT Announces Fall 2022 North American Tour

Legendary German/American Metalheads I ACCEPT will embark on a North American tour in the fall. The trek, with the support of NARCOTIC WASTELANDwill begin on September 29 in Nashville, Tennessee and conclude on October 29 in Columbus, Ohio.

I ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffman comments: “After two difficult years, I can’t wait to get back to the United States and play in front of our American friends again. Let’s go and have a good time I ACCEPT a metal night with all of you headbanging metal veterans!”

Fans can expect a career-spanning setlist of new tracks and classics, including mega-hits “Balls on the wall”, “Princess of the Dawn”, “Fast as a Shark” and much more.

“Too Mean To Die – North America Tour 2022” Appointment:

September 29 – Nashville, TN – Brooklyn Bowl
October 01 – Houston, TX – The Concert Pub North
October 02 – Fort Worth, TX – Rail Club
October 04 – El Paso, TX – Rockhouse
October 07 – San Luis Obispo, CA – The Coach House
October 08 – West Hollywood, CA – Whiskey
October 09 – Las Vegas – Vamped
October 11 – Denver, CO – The Venue
October 13 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave Ballroom
October 14 – St. Charles, IL – The Arcada Theater
October 15 – Westland, MI – The Token
October 16 – Toronto, ON – The Phoenix Theater
October 18 – Vineland, NJ – Landis Theater
October 20 – Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania – Penns Peak
October 21 – Patchogue, NY – Stereo Garden*
October 22 – Peekskill, NY – Paramount Theater*
October 23 – Teaneck, NJ – Debonair Music Hall*
October 25 – New York, NY – The Gramercy
October 26 – New Bedford, MA – The Vault
October 27 – Harrisburg, PA – XL Live
October 29 – Columbus, OH – King of Clubs


Last February, it was announced that I ACCEPT signed a global agreement with Napalm discs.

I ACCEPTthe last album of, “Too Wicked to Die”was released in January 2021 via Nuclear explosion. The LP was the band’s first without a bassist. Pierre Balteswho went out I ACCEPT in November 2018. It has since been replaced by Martin Motnik. I ACCEPTThe lineup has also grown with the addition of a third guitarist, Philippe Shousewhich originally fulfilled Uwe Lulis in 2019 “Symphonic Terror” tour, before being invited to join the band permanently.

“Too Wicked to Die” was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with British producer Andy Snap (JUDAS PRIEST, MEGADETH), who was responsible for the studio sound of I ACCEPT since 2010.

I ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffman told Loud TV the “Too Wicked to Die” album title: “It’s more or less our response to the whole corona vibe in the country, in the world. Of course it’s not serious – we said: ‘We’re too bad to die . We can’t be bothered by any little virus that’s out there. Of course, it’s not meant to be totally serious. But it sounded like a metal album, it sounded like a metal track, and we loved it. So we decided to go that route and give metal fans a new, in-your-face kind of statement and a metal album that’s not really about anything corona related. Because I think people are tired of all the corona stuff now. It is time to move on.

Re I ACCEPTthe decision to release “Too Wicked to Die” during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wolf said: “It’s going to be a while before we can do a real headlining tour. But we decided to go ahead and release it, because maybe the fans will go there. ‘appreciating now that they’re in lockdown, and maybe that’ll make them forget everything. And that’s better than waiting until who knows when – until we can shoot again. So let’s release the album now. The fans can enjoy it and listen to it, and then one day we’ll be on tour and we’ll meet again.”

Marc Tornillo joined I ACCEPT in 2009 replacing the band’s original singer, Udo Dirkscheider. It can be heard on I ACCEPTthe last five studio albums of, “Blood of Nations” (2010),“Stalingrad” (2012),“Blind Rage” (2014),“The Rise of Chaos” (2017) and “Too Wicked to Die”.

Asked about I ACCEPTthe overall approach of since joining the group, Tornillo Told “That Jamieson Show”: “Basically, [we went] going back to what we were doing in the 80s – what everyone was doing back then. The whole thing was, when I joined the band, Wolf didn’t want the band to rest on their laurels and only play the classics. He wanted a real band. So we’ve been an album tour, an album tour – like it always has been.”

To mark also opened up about his personal musical chemistry with Hoffmannwho is the only remaining member of I ACCEPTthe classic range.

“He’s grown a bit, actually,” he said. “We have great mutual respect for each other and for our talents. This album [‘Too Mean To Die’] was a total collaboration. It’s the first I ACCEPT album without Rock, so it was a big void to fill. But everyone got up. Our [new] bass player Martin Motnik contributed a lot to this album.”

“The Rise of Chaos” Mark I ACCEPTthe first version with Lulis and drummer Christopher Williamssubstitute Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmannrespectively.

Photo credit: Deaf music inc.

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