Alex Lifeson Auctions Guitars Used On Classic Rush Albums

Alex Lifeson is auctioning off some of his most legendary guitars.

The Rush rocker will be auctioning off more than 100 items — including instruments, wardrobe, gear and memorabilia — as part of Julien’s Auctions “Music Icons” event on May 22.

“Julien’s Auctions is proud to present this magnificent collection of coveted artifacts of rock history straight from legendary guitarist and trailblazer, Alex Lifeson of Rush, the most influential and innovative progressive metal rock band of all time” , Darren Julien, President/CEO Officer of Julien’s Auctions said in a press release. “Lifeson’s breathtaking creativity, musical virtuosity and raw power will take center stage in this epic auction of his legendary rare guitars, instruments and memorabilia representing his lasting legacy as one of the godfathers of music. progressive rock metal.”

The crown jewel of the collection is Lifeson’s 1976 Gibson ES-355TD “Whitey” electric guitar, which served as his main instrument from 1976 to 2015.

“I bought this guitar in 1976, it was custom made in Kalamazoo just for me,” the musician said in a statement. “It’s been my main guitar and it’s Alex Lifeson’s signature guitar.”

“Whitey” has been featured on a total of 12 Rush albums, starting with 1977 A farewell to kings and ending with 1996 echo test. Lifeson has also regularly used the guitar on tour and in music videos over the years. Early estimates suggest “Whitey” will fetch between $200,000 and $300,000 at auction.

Another guitar up for auction, the Hentor Sportscaster electric guitar custom made by Lifeson in 1980. This instrument was used throughout the recording of Rush Animated pictures LP, including the “Limelight” solo. It is estimated between $100,000 and $200,000.

Images of some of the guitars up for auction can be found in the gallery below.

Other highlights from Lifeson’s auction include a 1981 Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion electric guitar used on the 1981 Animated pictures tour (among others); a 1971 Jose Ramirez classic acoustic guitar used on the 1978 album Hemispheres; a 1976 Gibson Dove acoustic guitar used on the 1977 album A farewell to kings; a 1970 Gibson Les Paul electric guitar played on all of Rush’s albums fly at night for Hemispheres; a 1976 Gibson J-55 acoustic guitar used on 2112, A farewell to kings and Animated pictures; and a 2015 Gibson EDS-1275 double neck electric guitar, created especially for Rush’s 40th anniversary R40 tour.

Information on these items and more can be found on Julien’s Auctions website.

Alex Lifeson’s guitars up for auction

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