ANTHRAX – 40th Anniversary Live XL Concert

Anthrax, the American Heavy Metal band, are still celebrating their 40th anniversary by releasing their live concert, which was recorded on the day they turned 40, July 18, 2022.

The band was formed in 1981 by musicians Scott Ian (rhythm guitarist) and Dan Lilker (bassist). The band is said to be one of the leaders of the Thrash Metal scene and one of the biggest bands/bands in the genre. Anthrax were among the first metal bands, alongside other pioneers to emerge from the east coast.

The group has had members who come and go over the years, including one of the founding members, Dan Lilker. The group currently consists of Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Frank Bello, Joey Belladonna and Jonathan Donais. So far, the group has released many albums and singles and received many certifications for some of their projects.

Pioneers of the Thrash Metal genre

One of the bands responsible for the development of Speed ​​Metal and Thrash Metal is Anthrax. Early albums featured a conventional Thrash Metal sound, and the band stood out from its contemporaries with its use of humor and comic book allusions in the lyrics.

According to Rolling Stone, Anthrax were one of the few heavy metal bands to achieve critical acclaim and revolutionize the genre in the 1980s. Power chords and “chugging” pedal dots provided the sonic impetus in the “aggressive and hard-hitting” approaches of original guitarists Scott Ian and Dan Spitz.

The group has been doing well for nearly 40 years, releasing 11 studio albums, earning numerous gold and platinum certifications, six Grammy nominations, and a host of additional accolades from the public, music industry, and industry. fans. The band were the first metal band to play their music on Mars when NASA played Got The Time to wake up the Mars Rover in 2012.

The band also helped break down racial and gender barriers in 1991 when they collaborated with Public Emeny on the track Bring The Noise. Anthrax is a member of The Big Four, the four bands that created the Speed/Thrash/Metal subgenre, along with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth.

Major world tour planned for the 40th anniversary

As part of their 40th anniversary celebrations, the band are set to embark on a massive world tour, where they will be playing numerous dates around the world. Indeed, the band members are going to have plenty of time on the road, and with Scott Ian being an avid gamer, including poker, it wouldn’t be surprising if they took advantage of the rare downtime they must have. while on tour.

Indeed, the 40th anniversary celebrations have already begun as a concert took place at the Den Studio in Los Angeles, USA to mark the start of the festivities, but the celebrations had actually started in March 2021.

The band performed a series of songs from their many available projects for 2 hours, with over 50,000 fans watching and cheering. The Thrash Metal band, and one of the pioneers of the genre, had decided to embark on its world tour in 2021, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary. However, the plan failed to materialize due to the global pandemic, thus delaying it until now.

They are currently embarking on their long-awaited world tour, which kicked off in North America on July 26, 2022, with Black Label Society alongside Hatebreed, and they will continue touring the UK and Europe in late September to headline a five-week run. .

The North America tour will last through August 2022 and will see the band perform at event centers across the United States and Canada. After their hiatus, September will see them continue their tour and continue to entertain their fans.

Fans can already get their hands on the live stream of the 40th anniversary concert

Fans have already gotten to enjoy a lot of what Anthrax has to offer, as they’ve released their entire 40th anniversary live concert, along with never-before-seen rehearsal recordings and Scott’s “walking tour.” Ian in New York. which examines the events that played a role in the formation and history of Anthrax in July, with fans from all over the United States and Europe able to buy it.

The 40th anniversary live concert tracklist includes the following songs: Time/Fight Em’ Til You Can’t, Madhouse, Caught In A Mosh, Metal Thrashing Mad, I Am The Law, Keep It In The Family, Lone Justice, The Devil You Know, Be All End All, Now It’s Dark, Antisocial, In The End, Medusa, Evil Twin, Indians, Skeletons In The Closet, Blood Eagle Wings, Bring The Noise, AIR and Among The Living.

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