ANTHRAX joins CHUCK D of PUBLIC ENEMY for “Bring The Noise” in Brooklyn, New York

Chuck D of PUBLIC ENEMY joined ANTHRAX on stage last Friday night (August 26) at the Coney Island Amphitheater in Brooklyn, New York to play “Bring on the Noise”the song ANTHRAX and PUBLIC ENEMY recorded together in 1991. Fan filmed video footage of her appearance can be seen below.

Chuck D previously performed “Bring on the Noise” with ANTHRAX on July 29 at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, Calif.

When recording from ANTHRAXit is “The Persistence of Time” album, guitarist Ian Scott suggested the group – all great PUBLIC ENEMY fans — record a cover of PUBLIC ENEMYit is “Bring on the Noise”. He loved the idea of ​​recording a metal version of the song, merging his guitar sound with Chuck Dthe voice of, more, PUBLIC ENEMY had his name checked ANTHRAX in the lyrics. Once the demo is arranged and recorded, Scott sent a tape to Chuck D with land for Mandrel and Flavor Flavor to record a version of the song with ANTHRAX. After listening to the demo, Chuck D Totally agree. In June 1991, the ANTHRAXPUBLIC ENEMY cooperation of “Bring on the Noise” was released on ANTHRAXThe B-sides/rarities album of “Attack of the B Killers”then on PUBLIC ENEMYit is “Revelation 91…The Enemy Strikes Black” album in October of the same year. The song exploded and received a grammys nomination for “Best Metal Performance”. Then, on September 24, 1991, as part of ANTHRAXit is “The Persistence of Time” tour cycle, the two bands hit the road together, the “Bring the Noise Tour”ANTHRAX and PUBLIC ENEMYwith PRIME and the YOUNG BLACK TEENS proof. The shows ended with ANTHRAX and PUBLIC ENEMY on stage together “Bring on the Noise”.

Asked in a 2013 interview with The national student if he thinks that the backlash in the collaboration ANTHRAX made with PUBLIC ENEMY helped form one of today’s nu-metal music, Ian said, “You know, people ask us, do we think we created certain genres of music that the press named after we did what we did with PUBLIC ENEMY. I never thought we made it up. It certainly opened a door, even just a window for people to jump through. i really believe that RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE were the band that drove a train through that gate; they took the influences of their individuals and came together as a group. While with us and PUBLIC ENEMYit’s not like ANTHRAX became a rap group and it’s not like PUBLIC ENEMY became a metal band, we just collaborated and did something awesome. We didn’t then become a single unit and continue to make music like that. Whereas, RAGE AGAINST were that unit and it was the music they were creating from their souls that exploded massively globally. So I think if anything, whether they like it or not, it’s definitely RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE for me it created rap metal, nu-metal, whatever you call it. Everything that came after them showed that a direct line must go back to RAGE. The only thing that I can personally take credit for is that there have been guys in bands who have come to me and personally told me about the influence we bring to them, especially some of the guys from LINKIN PARK told me years and years ago that the first gig they saw was ANTHRAX and PUBLIC ENEMY in Los Angeles. And they left that show saying that was the kind of band they wanted me to do. I know the guys in RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and I know To M [Morello, guitar] and he was a fan of us and PUBLIC ENEMY‘s and what we did. I do not say “Bring on the Noise” was directly responsible for RAGEbut I know it’s something they’re definitely a fan of.”

In a separate interview with the Cleveland Music Examiner, Ian said about ANTHRAXthe original decision to record a cover of “Bring on the Noise”: “At that time, there was a new audience, and we certainly reached a lot of new people with that PUBLIC ENEMY Track. People who maybe weren’t a fan of what we had done before, or who weren’t metalheads. So this trail crossed for us and took us to a new area. But it’s funny, ’cause we ain’t rapped or crossover since “Bring on the Noise”, yet people are still talking about it, which shows me how special it was. People still want to hear it and people still refer to it all the time, and it’s almost 25 years old. And sometimes we’re categorized as a “rap metal” band, when we’ve only ever done both songs – other than maybe messing around with “Looking at the Barrel of a Gun” with the BABY BOYS like side B – but yes. People still talk about it like it’s what we do.”

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