Band Radio Drive delivers overwhelming musicality in ‘One Breath Away’ EP

Author: Jennifer Stone

Radio Drive have released their latest EP ‘One Breath Away’. The EP’s unique songs mesmerized all listeners and created a buzz among all.

radio player, the competent group spreads its musical charm with each release. They have reached a large number of audiences by offering exemplary soundtracks, created with well-performed lyrics and enjoyable music. Their innovative mode of presentation has the potential to easily grab the attention of listeners. This group has created its own identity by composing and recording amazing pieces of music. Currently, they have garnered a lot of attention with their latest EP. A breath A way. This profound creation has accumulated worldwide audiences at a very rapid pace.

Their thematic and subtle flow grows as the song progresses. It has four very different types of songs and that’s what makes it even more diverse. The tracks are “I Believe I Believe”, “Moment by Moment”, “Be Yourself” and “Don’t You Know”. Their flawless deliverance made the songs even more graceful. Recently radio player collaborated with 12 Story Records, to create other excellent soundscapes. This group gave a lot of songs in their career. Some of them apart A breath A way are “Horizon”, “Footsteps (2022 Remix)”, “Be Yourself Tonight” and “Humanity”. All the tracks are available on Spotify, so visit their profile to listen to them. To get more updates follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and their websites.

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