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Last night I asked you if you thought Matt Olson or Freddie Freeman would be the best players over the next two seasons. I said “the next two seasons” because that was before Olson signed his eight-year extension with the Braves. At the time, I thought the Braves only had two years of control over Olson, but also, Olson is four years younger than Freeman, so it’s not really fair to compare the two going too far in the future.

Either way, by a margin of 56% to 44%, you voted for Freddie Freeman to be the best player over the next two years.

On Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning, I don’t do the film test. You can read what I had to say about the silent 1928 classic The Passion of Joan of Arc last night and I’ll say a little more tomorrow night. I’m halfway through watching it a second time and it’s definitely a movie that holds up to repeat viewing.

But I always have time for jazz, so if you want to skip that, this is your chance. You won’t hurt my feelings.

Tonight’s selection is a BBC performance of the 1965 Bill Evans Trio. I know I’ve extolled the virtues of pianist Bill Evans here before as a sideman to Miles Davis, but I don’t think I’ve ever presented as a band leader in his own right.

This is a colorized video and I have to admit that the colorization looks like it was done by Crayola. I wish they had left it in black and white. However, the performance is truly moving. It’s peaceful and calming at times and at other times it really starts to rock.

So with Chuck Isreals on bass and Larry Bunker on drums, here comes the Bill Evans Trio.

The show is over an hour long and is actually a two-part show, so you can bookmark it and save one part for later. It is so good.

Welcome to all of you who skip all that jazz.

We found out tonight that Anthony Rizzo won’t be returning to the Cubs, despite some rumors that the front office was at least talking to Rizzo’s reps.

But team president Jed Hoyer said the Cubs are still looking to add talent this spring and some of the players they add could be “meaningful.” This has been widely interpreted as an admission that the Cubs front office is always on the lookout for some of the best free agents, although Hoyer says in his next breath that “I’ve been doing this for too long to assume it’s all going through.” the finish line, so you’re trying to keep a lot of balls in the air.

Two players the Cubs have been linked with in recent hours (really, you can’t tell how many days the deals have flown recently) are Japanese slugger Seiya Suzuki and American slugger Kyle Schwarber.

I don’t think I need to introduce Schwarber to you. Back in February, I asked club members if you thought the Cubs should sign Suzuki. You can go back and read what I wrote about Suzuki back then (and maybe check out what I wrote about Rome: open city) if you need to reacquaint yourself with him. At the time, 71% of you thought it was a good idea for the Cubs to sign Suzuki, but only 16% of you thought he would. I think the chances of him coming to Chicago have gone up since, although we don’t know if they’re the favorites or not.

But tonight, I’m asking you whether or not you think Hoyer and company will manage to get either player “over the finish line”, as he put it. . I’m not going to ask you if you think it’s a good idea to sign either player because I know an overwhelming majority will say yes at this point. So I’m just going to ask you if you think one or both will be Cubs in 2022.

So, will the Cubs sign either slugger in the next few days?


Will the Cubs sign Kyle Schwarber or Seiya Suzuki

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