CD Reviews – Resurgence Massacre


(Nuclear explosion)

01. Supernatural prophecy

02. Ruins of R’lyeh

03. The Innsmouth strain

04. Whisper in the Dark

05. Book of the Dead

06. Into the far void

07. Servants of Discord

08. The fate of the old gods

09. Succubus spawn

10. The Return of the Corpse Crusher

The legendary Florida death metal band MASSACRE came back from the afterlife. The list of seminal act, past and present, included musicians from groups such as KREATOR, DEATH, OBITUARY, wicked savage, SIX FEET UNDER GROUND, BY THE LAW and more. Remarkably, the number of musicians involved has exceeded a few dozen. In recent years, long-standing members Rick rozz and Terry butler have left and in some cases the splits have been acrimonious to say the least. Anyway, a few members involved in the classic era of the band (singer Kam lee and bassist Michael frontiers) brought new blood (drummer Brynjar helgetun and guitarists Scott fairfax, Rogga johansson and Jonny pettersson) to release the group’s fourth album, “Recurrence”. While the album falls short of the limits set by the unit’s infamous beginnings, it will certainly scratch the itch of many who yearn for an authentic taste of the death metal glory of the late ’80s and the early 90s.

Some would argue that the programming behind “Recurrence” is not representative of the “true” MASSACRE, and in fairness the blade cuts both ways, like Limits mentioned in a press release, “Our longtime loyal fans will instantly understand. They will be” Cool, a real MASSACRE album – not a fake. ‘”Bands change over time in countless ways, from sound and style to staff, and new members are not new to the genre. The lineup is a legitimate group. which clearly has chemistry.

“Recurrence” is head and shoulders above MASSACREsecond and third albums of 1996 “Promise” and 2014 “Return from beyond”. Lee and the company have expressed their intention to “Recurrence” present itself as the appropriate follow-up to “From the beyond”. Likewise, the way the wild opening of this album “The dawn of eternity” begins with an epic and teasing intro, just like “Recurrence” start with an intro and an introductory riff comparable to “The Eldritch Prophecy”. MASSACRE find a nice balance between raw and classic death metal and a more contemporary version of metal, augmented with melodic touches. This is not negative, however, “Recurrence” is a winner because it’s not a straightforward rehash.

“Into the distant void” is another remarkable piece, which will invariably scratch the stomach of the old guard. It sounds like a song fans wanted to hear on their 90s second effort, “Promise”. “The return of the crusher of corpses” completes the album with what is more than a nod and a nod to “Corpse Crusher” of “From the beyond”, a dirty little song about the desecration of graves and necrophilia. It’s a worthy, totally wild and catchy “second part” of the classic song. MASSACRE technically covered DEATHdemo of “The reign of terror”. For those who don’t know, Kam lee and guitarist Rick rozz were two thirds of DEATHline-up on this 1984 demo. And yes, CANNIBAL BODY singer George “Corpsegrinder” FisherThe first group of her used this nickname before it became their nickname.

Expecting a classic band to reach the stars the same way they once did is an unfair expectation, but it is inevitable. Sure, “Recurrence” will not leave the indelible impression that “From the beyond” made. But there is no doubt that “Recurrence” is a fantastic and “real” death metal album that should satisfy both elitists and beginners alike.

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