Dave Gahan and Soulsavers unveil haunting new video “The Dark End of The Street”

Dave Gahan and Soulsavers unveil haunting new video

In October, Dave Gahan & Soulsavers shared “The dark end of the street”, A sentimental track originally recorded by soul singer James Carr. The group recently shared an animated music video for the song, which uses 3D photogramm technology to insert Gahan into the video game scenes. The apocalyptic video shows people running through the streets as an animated version of Gahan watches them struggle from a skyscraper. This apparent superiority, however, turns into an acceptance of death, as the character calmly walks the chaotic streets before floating skyward.

The song is taken from their recent album Impostor, which was released on November 12. The album also contained the single “Metal Heart”, a song by Cat Power which “floods the listener’s ears with magnificent harmonies alongside slow percussion elements that crescendo to an exhilarating ending. Impostor mostly features covers, but each one was chosen for its relevance to Gahan’s personal life.

In addition to covering songs from important artists, Gahan has collaborated with them. The Depeche Mode singer was featured on Humanist’s “Shock necklace”, In which his voice and the collective’s guitars create a dreamlike quality. Gahan also worked with Goldfrapp on “ocean, a track from their impressionist album it silver: deluxe edition.


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