“Drone or reindeer”: Santa hats mysteriously appear on the statues of the college chapel in Cambridge

With the end of November, preparations for Christmas have started in many parts of the world. And while for most that would mean decorating their Christmas tree, someone has gone beyond, literally, to put Santa hats on statues atop a college chapel.

People on the St John’s College Cambridge campus were surprised to see tiny red hats springing from the tall chapel tower on Monday, leading to speculation as to how they got there.

Photographer Martin Bond, who runs an ‘A Cambridge Diary’ social media page and who has photographed and shared images of the city for the past decade, was baffled to spot three hats on the tower’s statues and gargoyles. . “A naughty student placed a Santa hat on the heads of figures in St John’s College Chapel – so why is this my pic of the day?” Take a look at the second photo and ask yourself: how?

Built in the 1860s, the Gothic-style chapel on the sprawling university campus is 50m high, the BBC reported, explaining why the task is quite out of the ordinary.

“Some people think they were placed by a drone, but they definitely went up there,” he told the outlet. “A doorman told me that no key had been signed, so they weren’t placed inside, it was done from the outside.

While many netizens were stunned, others wondered if there was any connection to the college’s mysterious legacy of night mountaineers. The institution has many stories of such wacky artifacts found on its roof in the past, including an Austin 7 that appeared in 1958.

In 2009, climbers scaled the outer wall of the chapel to secure four Santa hats on the pinnacles, all about 80 feet away.

While some were curious, others were busy making jokes and sharing memes online.

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