Eternals director Chloe Zhao teases her ‘Sci-fi Western’ remake of Dracula

It was revealed earlier this year that Eternals director Chloe Zhao would be handling a new version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula as screenwriter, director and producer. While there have been few new details on the so-called “western sci-fi” version of the classic Gothic horror story, Zhao herself has teased the project with a new post on her Instagram that portrays Nosferatu. on horseback, which she captioned with just an emoji of a glass of red wine – although we all know that will likely mean something else in this context.

Chloe Zhao has recently been asked for a few different projects, and her Marvel debut has certainly caused a stir in one way or another. the eyes? Well, he seems to be turning it into “an original, futuristic sci-fi western” of course. With the project originating from Universal Pictures, who have themselves developed a number of films based on the famous vampire, it’s unclear whether it will be part of their larger monsterverse or remain a standalone film, but in an interview with Variety, Zhao explained a bit what can be expected from the new iteration.


“I like that you have the question mark at the end – a ‘sci-fi western’? Zhao said of the unique description. “No, I like that. It’s like looking at Jessica Bruder’s book [Nomadland], and to really see behind the pages, to discover the meaning of each page and its essence. I am a huge fan of the book. And I wanted to see what essence I can find [in Dracula], and then be able to reimagine this truly adored character that I love so much. ”

She added: “I like complicated characters. It was a very important book for me. Immortality is something that started to be explored on Eternals, but it’s something I want to question and understand. ”

Of course, Dracula has been one of the horror genre’s most enduring icons since its inception and since his first unofficial film appearance in the 1922s. Nosferatu, then the original Universal movie Dracula in 1931, starring the great Bela Lugosi, not a decade went by without a new screen adaptation of the legend of Dracula being resurrected from the graves. Whether it’s the titles Hammer Horror with Christopher Lee, the sumptuous epic of Francis Ford Coppola 1992 or appearances in The Monster Squad, Van Helsing, Hotel Transylvania Where Buffy the vampire slayer, there are very few people who have not seen the creature of night in one form or another. A whole new take on the character may or may not be well received, but ultimately that means the Dracula figure can continue into the new decade again.

“Chloe’s singular lens shines a light on stories of the unknown and the misunderstood,” Universal Pictures president Peter Cramer said in a statement at the time. “We are thrilled to be working with her as she reinvents one of the most iconic alien characters ever created.”

There are currently no other details available on the project at this time, but it looks like Zhao is certainly preparing for the challenge of injecting new blood into the ancient undead monster.

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