Examination of the path of damnation of perdition

If I remember correctly, there was a post punk outfit called the whore or something else or related. On second thought, now that I googled it, the band name was the damned. Well, pretty close. Ah, and it wasn’t post punk, it was one of the pioneers of the punk movement. Never mind, never heard. I say these things because it wasn’t just the name that appealed to me, the sound appealed to me as well. Damnation sounds with a punk or post punk musical attitude mainly on vocals. In terms of music, the group is closer to post punk with a few gothic zests. There is, however, a very melodic verve hidden in all the tracks. Metal is here in the band’s blood. I mean, it’s the roots.

“Path of Perdition” is an excellent title for a metal album. Let’s just say that some people think that Metal is a way of perdition in itself. The drums amaze the fan throughout the album. Luana Diniz is doing a great job here with her kit. “Sorrow of Death”, for example, has an original drum set for Metal music. Really not so usual. Oh by the way, Damnation are an all-female group. In many ways, the music in “Path of Perdition” reminds me “Bricks Are Heavy” by L7 maybe because of the variety of harmonics the band put in here and the different way of mixing all the influences. I won’t say that the album is much closer to alternative than to metal, but alternative is a big influence for the band. By alternative, I mean the alternative that became famous in the 1990s and not the modern alternative that is more related to electronics. I guess that L7 parallel explains a lot about the music I hear in this album. I guess sometimes my dear fan doesn’t understand my references at all but that’s okay. Things are like that in the metal music world. Reading this may be a desire to listen L7 will happen and it’s still good.

I noticed that there are very few guitar solos in the album. It is a choice that the group has made. This choice brings the group even closer to the influences I mentioned above. those like “No Hope Inside” are simple but effective. No shredding here. Not bad, not good. only choice Damnation did. “Path of Perdition” is an excellent album if my dear fan is looking for musical prowess or high technology. The album is raw to a certain extent. I liked it as it is.

Damnation “Path of Perdition” was released on May 06 via Soulseller Records.

List of tracks:

  1. before drowning
  2. way of perdition
  3. In the sun
  4. This pain won’t last
  5. sorrow of death
  6. Random words
  7. slaves of society
  8. rotten soul
  9. No hope inside
  10. Greed

Watch “The Curse of the World” official clip here:

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