Extreme metal band from Hyderabad reach the top

It is not always that we visit the dark but fascinating corners of extreme music. The vaults here contain some of the most intriguing pieces of songwriting and explore lyrical themes that are diametrically opposed to the mundane affair of love and heartbreak. Here the grotesque machinations of war, politics and the horrors that follow are told. All this against the backdrop of a sonic tidal wave. And Godless, an extreme metal band with roots in Hyderabad, performs it well.

‘States of Chaos’ is the third album by the metal quartet which was released last month. Taken from those same vaults, the full nine-song album, according to singer Kausal LS, is about the macabre and, as the song Netherworld explains, dystopian technological wasteland. “The lyrics primarily explore topics based on psychological horror and how human beings manifest apprehension precipitated by the macabre,” he says.

Shortly after its release, “States of Chaos” rose to No. 1 on the thrash metal charts and No. 2 on the death metal charts on Bandcamp, a music portal where listeners can directly support bands by purchasing their tickets. music or their material. “We didn’t expect that to happen. I was on the Bandcamp page and saw that we had reached the top of the death and thrash metal charts. For a band from Hyderabad to be on those charts meant a lot, ”said Syed Abbas Razvi, founding member and bassist of Godless.

Godless, which includes Abbas, Kaushal, drummer Vishnu Reddy and guitarist Moiz, recently returned from a tour with performances in six cities – Guwahati, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Another India tour is planned for next year

But the pandemic has taken its toll on the “metal scene“. Without a label to support them, the post-COVID world has been more demanding of independent artists. Such groups must be more resilient, motivated and demanding.

“The entertainment industry is the first to shut down and the last to open up during the pandemic. To put it in context, death metal is kind of a niche. So it took a long time to come back. While our first album Centuries of Decadence was released through a label, the second album Swarm and the last States of Chaos were released independently, ”said founding member and bassist Syed Abbas Razvi. “It’s more of a DIY for independent groups. It’s like a 24/7 job. We have to work harder. But in our case, we have a certain aesthetic and we have total creative control.

It was in 2018 that the group played at the Wacken Open Air in Germany, the biggest metal festival in the world. But far from being satisfied, the ungodly say that expectations have only grown, and the job is to exceed those expectations. “We have received a lot of attention. This means that we have consistently set the bar higher for ourselves, ”says Abbas.

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