Goth Indie Rock Band Souls Extolled Release “Just Dreams”

The Austin-based Souls Extolled are known for their diverse and provocative mix of familiar and eclectic rock fusion. Moving from indie and alternative rock to grunge, ska and punk, they have created a modern rock of the ages that can only be described as pure Souls Extolled.

Their new single “Just Dreams” is out now and they are thrilled to announce their third album titled MMXXII (2022) which will be released on December 31st. “Just Dreams” is available wherever you stream music.

Their latest album, MMXXII (2022) embodies their story through the different modes of rock music that inspired them and the spiritual and sociopolitical concepts that define their generation’s experiences. The name of the MMXXII album is this year 2022 in Roman numerals and named so to reflect the intention to release a new song every month in 2022.

So far, they have released 10 of the 12 songs from the upcoming album, with “Just Dreams” as the most recent song and the 11th release. “Just Dreams” was inspired by a series of dreams Zach had where he thought he woke up with a ghostly figure at the foot of his bed. Being a crazy person, Zach thought it could mean all kinds of things, like a demon or something, and wrote a song about it.

It’s actually the second song he’s written in reference to those dreams, the first being “The Restless Kind” from the band’s debut album “Follow the Ghosts.” Musically, it’s progressive rock, a mix of proto-metal with a Coheed vibe and Cambria meets Ozzy Osbourne.

Souls Extolled features JP Ortiz on bass, Joe Valadez on drums, and Zach Black on guitar and vocals. And MMXXII is their most personal album to date. With the pandemic in the rearview mirror, the band’s new album is their journey through later years and the change that comes with fully embracing adulthood.

Together they have weathered personal crises like the death of loved ones for the first time, artistically surviving the pandemic as a newly formed band, and the country’s social justice crisis. All of these life events and progressions have left them feeling chaotic, confused, and tired of answers. But through these challenges, and with the new album as a testament, they found solidarity with each other and their musical chemistry.

The new album catalogs their growth and self-exploration. They each came to embrace more secular and agnostic beliefs before forming the band, while sharing similar experiences navigating the strange racial landscape that all Mexican Americans experience. They explore a range of meaningful and timely topics on new songs. The band comments: “For us, without the meaning of these songs, they are just sounds. The music that inspired us is not just great sounds, but meanings that inspire us, challenge us and make us think. .”

The songs deal with themes of love as in “Ride of My Life”, a softer side of the band that addresses the emotional points of love, loss and moving on. Their therapeutic experience with acid during a major snowstorm inspired them to make music, but also to explore the anger that became the song “Acid Drop”. On “This Time,” they take a philosophical look at the spiritual-existential realm, a recurring theme for the band.

They say “‘This Time’ is a kind of Satan’s song, in that Satan represents truth and knowledge, and the ultimate rebellion in the universe. But it can also be interpreted as a song of despair, describing the struggle to find something. to hold on when all the paradigms and ideologies in the world fail.” And “Propaganda Song” is about Marxist ideas around the source of power, the nature of our situation (the chains of the bankers) and the belief that the people are right to violently overthrow the government.

MMXXII was recorded at 512 Studios in South Austin with multi-talented producer Omar Vallejo (Vallejo). The band worked in tandem with Omar to create a truly unique and powerful album for the band to date. The mutual respect between the band and Omar had led to a powerful exchange of musical ideas. They recall, “On the new album, we got better and more ambitious with our songwriting, and we got better in general as a band. It’s been our peak work as a band so far. .”

Souls Extolled will be touring the new album next November. The tour will take the band through the Southwest, up the West Coast up and down, then back down through the Pacific Northwest, Colorado and home. Concert goers can expect to see some seriously cool pedal setups that enrich the performance for fuller live sound with jam sessions that will captivate audiences. It’s a must-see show! Describing themselves as “gothic cholo mothers”, they will usually wear boots, lining and a bunch of silver jewelry. And if the mood is right, they’ll go full goth with bleached contacts and additional theatrical characters will join them on stage. It’s a hell of a pleasure!

Since launching in 2019, they’ve released two albums, an EP, and multiple singles, and performed across Texas headlining some of the state’s most high-profile rock venues. The release of the Seraphic War EP in late 2020 received widespread national radio airplay, along with a growing list of notable press articles. Their discography beautifully captures the dynamic nature of the explosive young band.

Listen to the new single here:

Tour dates

Wednesday, November 9 @ The Lost Leaf, Phoenix, AZ

Thursday November 10 @ The Space LV, Las Vegas, NV

Friday, November 11 @ Til-Two Club, San Diego, CA

Saturday, November 12 @ Tr!P Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA

Sunday, November 13 @ Winter’s Tavern, Pacifica, CA

Tuesday, November 15 @ John Henry’s, Eugene, OR

Wednesday, November 16 @ The Big Legrowlski, Portland, OR

Thursday, November 17 @ Belltown Yacht Club, Seattle, WA

Friday, November 18 @ Watson’s Mystery Café & Spirits, Boise, ID

Saturday, November 19 @ Funk ‘N Dive Bar, Ogden, UT

Sunday, November 20 @ Inga’s Alpine Tavern, Denver, CO

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