Heafy Saves Crowdsurfing Trivium Fan From Being Abandoned

Crowdsurfing can be a lot of fun, but there are also risks and if you’re not careful, you could find yourself in a pretty precarious position. Luckily for a Trivium fan on a recent show, frontman Matt Heafy saw a potentially bad situation about to happen and alerted the show’s security staff who stepped in to perform a solid shutdown.

As seen in the video below, Heafy gets a bit more excited pointing to the crowdsurfer as he approaches the front of the railing, calling for security to intervene lest the audience member pass head over the balustrade. The crowdsurfer appears to be pushed back to the stage and oblivious to what lies ahead, his feet being pushed skyward as he is about to fall. Since the audience was not glued to the stage, there was only a photo pit where photographers and security wandered between the crowdsurfer and a probably serious fall.

While Heafy deserves credit for spotting the situation as it unfolded, he also singled out a member of Trivium’s security team for a job well done. This team member was Andrew, which received a special shoutout both on the show and on social media. As a member of the Trivium team, his social media lists him as a tour production assistant. And Andre’s nimble skills in catching the crowd surfer from a potential head fall likely come from his other physical pursuits as a black belt grappler and MMA – Muay Thai trainer.

“Have you ever saved your life at a trivium show?” Heafy asked in his social media post about the incident. “This guy did it. Hahah. Good job @enterthedregon.” He later added, “This guy was falling head over heels.” Good job, indeed André. Great backup!

Trivium’s tour continues tonight (April 19) at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. To see all of their upcoming dates and for ticketing information, head over to here.

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