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We’ve all had those times when our Spotify looks like it’s in a rut lately, and this Discover Weekly playlist isn’t enough. That’s when we find ourselves digging a little deeper in search of those bands we like to call the “hidden gems”. The ones that deserve a lot more attention and leave you wondering how they haven’t blown up yet.

If you’re ready to take your playlists to the next level, check out these 15 bands below!

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If you spend your days hating your hometown and having heated debates about whether pineapple belongs in pizza (it doesn’t), then you’ll want to add a dynamic duo. SHADOW to your pop-punk playlist. Excerpt from “Can I have this in black?” To their recent single “Rebecca, Who Slammed Doors For Fun And Perished Miserably”, this up-and-coming band is the perfect pepperoni hidden on the pop-punk pizza of perfection.

Noise control

With only a few singles under their belt so far, it’s clear that Noise control hit the ground running. The group’s first single, “Girly Boy,” debuted in March. They quickly followed with “I Fell In Love (Don’t Tell My Girlfriend)” and “Modern Frankenstein”. Kenton Scott and Ivan Rollit of NC have been making music since college, but it’s easy to see that this project is going to take them far. If you’re looking to add rowdy dance jams to your playlist, look no further.

Pray to sleep

Originally from the same state as Bear tooth, twenty-one pilots and Like smith of The living word, Pray to sleep prove they have what it takes to hook up heavy weights. Grant DeCrane, Hayden Kissler, and Reno Houston not only do catchy rock / metal, but they are strong advocates for the subject. Mental Health. You can check out the group’s Scream Back program here while adding their first LP, Behind our eyes, to your favorite streaming platform.

Loose ends

With their next EP, Tell God you’ve been framed, slated for release later this year, pop punk mingles with punk rock to produce a project dedicated to pushing the boundaries of DIY groups. With members of Kid Liberty, Loose ends proved they were taking things to the next level with their debut single, “Love In Heartache”. If you are in Yellow card and the story so far, then this is the hidden gem for you.

Silent Rival

Silent RivalSara Coda and Joz Ramirez have unprecedented dynamics. their exuberant pop rock the sound is both carefree and confident, underlined by catchy hooks and lyrics that radiate honesty. It’s a group that we can’t wait to see again in concert. Until then, we’ll just have to repeat their stellar tracks.

Kill a monster

COVID-19 has appeared to put the music industry on the back burner over the past year, but central Ohio Kill a monster came out of quarantine ready to take it to the next level. From working on brand new music to adding two new members, TKAM rose to the challenge like a real man. rocky stars. Joey Lawson’s dynamic vocal range blends seamlessly with group harmonies while simultaneously blurring lines across a handful of genres in the best way.

Dream walker

If you’ve found your mosh pits lacking in luster lately, consider giving things a boost with metal core monsters Dream walker. Take influences from ERRA, Northlane and Periphery, Dreamwalker takes the genre and layers it with its own creativity to create a sound that is both unique and diverse.

Suzie True

Calling themselves “crybaby pop punk,” LA based band Suzie True went from singer Lexi McCoy’s bedroom project to a full band phenomenon with guitarist G Leonardo and drummer Sarah Pineapple. Their debut album 2020, Saddest girl at the party, gives us all the garage-punk vibes of the 2000s that we could dream of. With a Spotify bio that describes itself as “if the Powerpuff Girls start a flash-182 cover band ”, how can we not listen to them?

Turn to zero

If you like to ride the roller coaster of emotions on the soundtrack of alternative– rock music, then you’ll want to give Turn to zero since. With the ability to create everything from honest and heartwarming ballads to energetic and passionate hits, these Arizona natives are everything you could want in a solid and extremely talented package.

New saviors

Are you looking for that perfect emo-rock anthem? Look no further than the Hard rock press “ALIVE” by New saviors. This is just one of the many amazing, replayable tracks in the band’s library. With influences such as Anberlin and Sleep with the mermaids, New Saviors are the perfect blend of catchy melodies and poignant lyrics.

Living space

Fans of Joint washer, Eyes Trophy and Boston mansion go feast with Elbow Room of Northeast Ohio. Mixing alternative and pop punk, Living space prove they have both the music and the guts to stand out on the Cleveland music scene. Give their last EP, Now that you’re away, take a ride and be ready to experience something new with each track.

Find september

Of discuss and funk heavy metal and pop punk, Find septemberThe influences of are as diverse as their sound. Their innovative take on pop punk makes them the proven definition of genre change, and they’re pretty good at it, too.

Drama Scream

With the ability to go from catchy and upbeat to dark and spooky, Drama Scream really live up to their name. The perfect hard rock mashup and metal, these small town musicians are bursting with explosive energy, screaming and good old-fashioned determination. If you’re looking for a fantastic band to rock with, you’ve just found them.


After having remained silent since the release of 2015, Ghosts again, forever finally bursting onto the stage ready to face their inner demons in “Holy Ghost”. It is evident that the group used their free time as something else, showing their growth and evolution and removing any doubts that this group is here to stay.

Outgoing takers

Inspired by personal essays, Outgoing takers bring the subject of sanity out of the shadows and out of the light. Influenced by groups such as Survive approximately, Every time I die and Thrice, this Californian quartet creates a fusion of rock, punk and post-hardcore that radiates through their powerful lyrics and emotional intrigue.


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