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More Billboard readers have at least a rough idea of ​​each year’s top albums and songs, but may be less familiar with each year’s top box office hits. Fortunately, boxofficemojo.com has this information for every year dating back to 1977.

So what do we learn as we sift through the list of highest-grossing movies every year since Jimmy Carter became president and Elvis Presley died? One thing that stands out loud and clear is the extent to which sequels and franchises have come to dominate the market. Only four of the year-end box office champions were movies not part of franchises (or did not spark any franchise or reboot). These four films that are self-contained are ET the alien, who trapped Roger Rabbit, Ghost and Titanic.

star wars is the best franchise in this rundown, with six installments that were the highest-grossing film of the year. Batman is a finalist, with four installments finishing first for the year. Spider Man is third, with three installments that yielded the best box office success of the year.

James Cameron and George Lucas are tied as the only directors to each direct three films that won the year-end crown. Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, Tony Scott, Steven Spielberg, Andrew Stanton and Robert Zemeckis tied for second place, each having led two year-end champions.

John Williams is by far the top scorer in movies. The legendary composer scored 10 films that took the year-end box office crown. Danny Elfman and Alan Silvestri each scored films that finished first four times. (Hans Zimmer will join them if Top Gun: Maverickon which he teamed up with Harold Faltermeyer and Lady Gaga to provide the music, finished first of the year.)

Lucas and Williams are the only director/composer team to collaborate on three year-end box office champions. Six other such teams collaborated on two year-end champions: Spielberg and Williams; Zemeckis and Silvestri; Scott and Faltermeyer; Cameron and James Horner; Burton and Elfman; and Stanton and Thomas Newman.

Top Gun: Maverick is far ahead for 2022 so far, with domestic gross (US and Canada) of over $664 million. But it’s too early to crown maverick as the highest-grossing film of the year. Sequels to two other top-grossing films of the year, Avatar and Black Pantherare expected later this year. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is scheduled for November 11. Avatar: The Way of the Water is scheduled for December 16. If you think it’s too late for a movie to have a realistic chance of winning the box office crown by December 31st, just remember last year when a movie released on December 17th (Spider Man: No Coming Home) grossed enough in the last two weeks of the year to finish No. 1 for the year.

Let’s take a look back at the films that have been the most successful at the national box office (i.e. in the United States and Canada) in each calendar year since 1977, when Anne makes its Broadway debut, Laverne and Shirley was the best TV show and Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors topped the Billboard 200.

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