How Elden Ring Keeps Dark Souls Themes Alive In A New World

With Elden Ring’s version, many FromSoftware fans have started to realize how much the game shares with the dark souls games that preceded it. The dark fantasy RPG was created by George RR Martin, which means players will expect deep narratives and a dark aesthetic, but there are a host of other similarities that bind the two franchises.

dark souls was FromSoftware’s most significant success, and since then the studio has continued to create several new game series based on the souls game concept. transmitted by blood and sekirowhile taking place in very different worlds, each relies on game mechanics defined by the dark souls Games. First gameplay footage from Ring of Elden it looks like it will also rely on the dark souls heritage without being located in the same universe.


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Many have already noted that Ring of Elden seems like a spiritual sequel, but what does it mean? FromSoftware previously stated that Ring of Elden will take place in a new and separate universe for dark souls, but that does not mean that these two game franchises do not share any connection. Here is an overview of all the ways Ring of Elden could connect to dark souls universe.

Elden Ring is the spiritual successor to Dark Souls

ring of elden castle night game stream

When players and fans talk about spiritual sequels, it can be hard to figure out what that means. Generally, this phrase is used when a game developer uses thematic and mechanical elements of previous games in a new series. For Ring of Eldenthe most obvious reference is that the game’s look, genre, and combat all have their roots in FromSoftware. souls Games.

The dark Gothic aesthetic was questionable from Elden Ring’s E3 2019 trailer. It created an intoxicating atmosphere of mysterious fate that fans of FromSoftware and the dark fantasy genre immediately gravitated towards. dark souls. But it is becoming increasingly clear how much this artistic content Ring of Elden brings dark soulsespecially after Elden Ring’s launch trailer, which drew in shades of transmitted by blood as well as. Ring of Elden and dark souls may not share a universe, but they certainly do share a soul.

Corrupt Gothic aesthetics can be seen in FromSoftware games, such as transmitted by blood. The developer seems to prefer using traditionally Western fantasy settings, and this seems to be a deliberate choice as significant symbolic differences exist between Western and Japanese RPGs. The differences stem from the inspiration used with JRPGs, which often have roots in anime, manga, and light novels, whereas Dungeons & Dragons and Tolkien strongly influence Western fantasy RPGs.

Elden Ring’s combat system will be familiar to Dark Souls fans

PvP combat in Elden Ring.

outraged Elden Ring’s visuals, gamers souls games will find the game’s combat mechanics instantly recognizable. Early Access Players Compared Elden Ring’s fight for dark souls games and, in the best way, give new players a decent learning curve before the difficulty escalates (or at least allow them other options if they get stuck on a boss). Ring of Elden might be good for fans of other fantasy RPGs like Skyrim, dragon ageor the Witcher series that may have been intimidated by dark souls’ notoriously difficult boss battles.

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Comparable combat elements within Ring of Elden will be the traditional large bosses, stamina and FP bars, and different types of spellcasting. Then there will be the familiar rolls, dodges, and blocks that even have similar (or seemingly identical) animations to previous FromSoftware games. But that’s not to say there aren’t differences, as stealth elements and even mounted combat are entirely new to the formula of Ring of Elden. Players can once again use melee and magic weapons, but with greater freedom of customization through skills and Ashes of War.

Ring of Elden will also feature the invocation, a thematic holdover not only from dark souls corn Demon’s Souls before that. Ring of Elden expands functionality by giving players more control over when and how to summon other players, and also offering new AI summons for those not playing online. Ring of Elden players can summon spirits for most boss fights and even some field encounters in the open world.

Thematic links between Elden Ring and Dark Souls

Elden Ring Classes Dark Souls PvP Online Multiplayer

The bonfires are coming back in Ring of Elden with a new name. They’ve been renamed and are now called Sites of Lost Grace, but they ultimately serve the same purpose of rest and fast travel. The players of dark souls will be happy to see bonfires in the new game, taking a quick trip in Elden Ring’s massive open world much easier – something of more immediate importance given the size of the world.

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Music can make or break player immersion, so souls fans will be happy to hear that a household name helped Elden Ring’s soundtrack. Composer Yuka Kitamura, a composer on sekiro and dark souls 3confirmed in March 2020 that she had also worked on Ring of Elden. Of all that has been seen so far, Elden Ring’s the soundtrack seems to be a bit as stellar as those that came before it.

Narrative links between Dark Souls and Elden Ring

Elden Ring A tarnished warrior battles the king's arm

dark souls introduces players to the curse of the Darksign, and Ring of Elden has a similar narrative theme. The Darksign is a curse affecting many people and trapping them in a cycle between life and death. These people then become the hosts of the undead who are the main enemies of dark souls Games. Elden Ring’s new setting has people called the Ternis who suffer from a similar affliction. These Terni are those who have lost their blessing, or grace, granted by the Elden Ring and the Erdtree. The bursting of the Elden Ring recalls these Terni from their exile, which marks the start of the game. A mysterious young girl also helps players level up, leaving her motives somewhat in question.

This narrative connection of an endless curse is the strongest thematic link between Ring of Elden and the dark souls universe, although there is also a lot of imagery around bells, rot and fire. The full extent of the link between the dark souls universe and the new Ring of Elden the setting will remain a mystery until the community has spent some time with the game, uncovering its secrets. With the global tradition created by George RR Martin, Ring of Elden will hopefully have a deep and rich story that can stand on its own without any connection to FromSoftware’s previous series. That said, gaming fans always welcome Easter eggs, nods, and references, and there’s likely to be more than a few nods to come. dark souls in Ring of Elden.

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