“It’s a Dream Come True”: Kitchener Author Continues to Take Career to New Heights


Jennifer Farquhar was signed by Triada US Literary Agency working on her next book

In 2019, Kitchener author Farquhar made her life’s dream come true: to publish her first book.

“It was like a dream like this first year of publishing my first novel, it was so surreal for me, because it was a lifelong goal of my life,” said Farquhar.

His first book, Watermark, won a Northern Lit Award, and the accolades the novel received has since taken his career to new heights: by signing a contract with the American agency Triada US Literary Agency.

“Some people try their whole life to have an agent – so that’s a huge step forward,” she said. “They usually help you polish it to get it where it needs to be,” after which they will try to sell it to editors at a publishing house.

Before writing her first novel, she always believed that good writing and hard work were all it took to attract publishers.

“But once I wrote the novel and started the intensely disheartening questioning process, I realized how unlikely it was to be published… I suddenly realized that it probably wouldn’t happen. for me.”

She spent a number of years writing, but struggled to break into the publishing world – and when she finally did, it was a surreal experience.

“Yet sometimes I feel like it’s a dream. And now I’m becoming an author in popular book clubs, going on a book tour and doing all these things that seemed like fantastic superstar ideas, ”she said.

Farquhar is currently working on her next book, which she says will be different from the previous one.

“We decided that the genre would be called female gothic horror,” she said. “It’s a little darker book. And basically the thematic question at the heart of the book is how far a mother will go to find her child and much of that takes place in the woods.

Inspiration for the novel came from her own experience as a parent. As a parent, she says, you are consumed by this powerful love for your child.

“But then you realize the dark side is, ‘What would I do if something happened to my child? “”

She coped with this anxiety for a number of years, but once her firstborn was a little older, she felt able to explore the concept in a fictional way.

Currently, they’re in the final stages of editing, and Farquhar says it’ll likely be ready to go to editors in August.


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