Lightlorn Announces New EP – Lambgoat

Official press release:

Cosmic black metal band from the extreme metal homeland of Gothenburg, Sweden, Lightlorn will release his EP These nameless worlds October 28!

The group comments:

We are so happy to finally be able to release these songs to the world! I’ve been working on them for a year and a half and it’s great to have them out there, potentially being heard by people all over the planet.

Harnessing the meaning of their name, which can be interpreted as “deprived of light”, Lightlorn explores feelings of alienation, isolation and existential dread. Through cosmic themes and lyrics, the band seeks to embrace this darkness and despair – for nothing is darker or colder than the void between the stars.

Whereas These nameless worlds on its surface, sounds dark and tends to instill a sense of nostalgia in the listener, it also elicits idyllic, haunting atmospheres and subtle intoxicating harmonies. Lightlorn does not abandon the roots of black metal, but rather seeks to extend those branches upwards, into the abyss that surrounds us all.

Lightlorn aims to create an emotionally dense and textured approach to black metal that reaches beyond the frozen, arid landscapes of Earth, to the stars above. Their approach is both transcendent and incredibly human, and reveals just how dynamic and vulnerable black metal can be as the genre moves forward into the future.

These nameless worlds List of tracks:

1. Unmapped Constellations

2. Through the black cold there

3. Dilated sleep

4. Stargazing in the Abyss

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