LIVE REVIEW: Unto Others @ The Star & Garter, Manchester

A last minute announcement was made where the show was hosted at The Star and the Garter instead of Manchester Academy 3. Even so, it hadn’t dampened the spirits of Portland’s brooding Gothic quartet. FOR THE OTHERS and UK support ZETRA to provide their own brand of disturbing thrills to Manchester’s cozy atmosphere.

Zetra live @ The Star & Garter, Manchester. Photo credit: Sabrina Ramdoyal Photography

As a monument of screens were placed center stage that looked like something out of an apocalyptic film set in the basement, London-based gothic shoegaze duo ZETRA exhibited a slow-burning excursion of synths and metal tightly wrapped in darkness. While some of the deep rudiments didn’t mix well in a live set, these were times when AdamOutbursts of mild pessimism were enhanced by JordanThe synth-laden melodies of , which held the packed crowd at just the right setting. ZETRATracks contained the infrequent hit while dreamy soundscapes through sampled drum loops weaved their way through throaty guitars and angelic vocals. shaved organic feel. When there was no time to wave to their crowd, ZETRA had a very clever concept behind the mystery of their soundscapes, and we can confidently say that the sounds were lovely and worth considering.

Rating: 7/10

Unto Others live @ The Star & Garter, Manchester.  Photo credit: Sabrina Ramdoyal Photography
Unto Others live @ The Star & Garter, Manchester. Photo credit: Sabrina Ramdoyal Photography

Stand straight ahead The Star and the Garterthe arcane stage, FOR THE OTHERS were a masterful presence merging dark riffs that created a dark new realm of transformation supporting their latest sounds of Strength. The spectral quartet lost very little time and entered directly into Heroinwho proceeded to the blistering darkened chugs Give me to the night and the soft shadow No child is laughing now. As the set progressed, it became clear that the lead Gabrielle Franco performed in front of the renewed Mancunian crowd as every word sung brought much-needed joy and every grunt was seamlessly mimicked. Through the ongoing fate of Nightfalldragged with the ozy osbourne tint demonstrated with Downtown and summer lightning giving more groove overall.

Like Jackie mesmerized the crowd, it became apparent that the ability to carry distress, anger and misery was being poured out through the dynamics of Sebastian silva and Gabrielle Francothe dual presence of the guitar, the low-end bass lines of Brandon Hill allowed to give way to pounding drums of Hake Vranizan, resulting in a solid live performance. A short intermission was followed by the first single, When will God’s work be finished which was played with equal measures of courage and command. The crowd roars with FOR THE OTHERS with their flapping cover of THE RAMONESanimal cemetery who kept the tradition of mixing dark gothic rock with classic heavy metal music. As the night approaches a successful end, the hall full of smiles has not left after the soft hues of It doesn’t really matter and A single solemn rose waltzed with the heavy Dalmatianwith the public’s favorite duo Instinct and Dragon, why are you crying? echoed off the walls with a shout of triumph from the crowd.

As the quartet exited the stage on the Manchester recap The Star and the Garterwooden floors, FOR THE OTHERS were a strong presence that perfectly fused headbanging riffs and dark chemistry. Their ability to reveal the uniqueness of their stage presence and overall sound was something that can almost be heard in every track, being a highlight of their setlist.

Rating: 8/10

Check out our photo gallery of the night’s action in Manchester from Sabrina Ramdoyal Photography here:

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