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Top-selling titles at Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma for the week of July 26 to August 31. 1, 2021

The irresistibly Gothic literary force of nature known as “Where the Crawdads Sing” returned to the top of this week’s bestselling fiction and non-fiction list. The Petalumans never cease to grasp the mystery of Delia Owens’ swamps about a woman who learns to survive by observing birds, insects and animals. This week’s Book # 2 – Frank Herbert’s mighty sci-fi epic “Dune” – might seem to have little in common with “Crawdads” beyond being a novel and sharing the top two spots with him.

But the two works have one thing in common: they have both inspired new film adaptations that will be released in the coming months. “Where the Crawdads Sing”, produced by Reese Witherspoon, will hit screens in 2022, while the latest incarnation of “Dune”, directed by Denis Villeneuve (“Arrival”) is slated for release this winter.

The rest of the Top 10, along with this week’s bestseller list for kids and young adults, features other titles that are on the cusp of or recently made into movies and TV shows. . Madeline Miller’s “Circe” (# 3), a mythological epic inspired by “The Odyssey,” is in production as a watch miniseries on HBO, while the fantastic “A Deadly Education” (# ° 9) has been chosen by Universal Studios, with specific plans that have not yet been announced.

On the kids’ side, Disney + recently released a TV series adaptation of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” by Trenton Lee Stewart (# 6), and the 73-year-old classic “My Father’s Dragon” (# 7) is in production. as an animated film presented by Netflix.

Whether the adaptations will lead more people to the books than the books themselves will inspire people to see the movies, it’s up to everyone to guess. The point is, a good story will always find an audience, one way or another.

Here’s the full list of the top 10 books on Copperfield’s Fiction and Non-Fiction List, plus the full list of kids and young adults.


1. ‘Where the crayfish sing, ‘by Delia Owens – The bestselling novel about a young girl named Kya, who lives in a Louisiana swamp, abandoned by everyone in her life until she learns to survive by watching bugs and swamp animals surrounding it. Oh, and there’s a mystery murder.

2. ‘Dune, ‘by Frank Herbert – Considered one of the greatest sci-fi epics of all time, it’s the radical story of a prince and a planet has a lot of really weird things, heart plugs and space travel spice sand worms and some really twisted politics.

3. ‘Circe, ‘by Madeline Miller – The famous animal-transforming witch from’ The Odyssey ‘tells her own story, and guess what? It’s not the same story told by the pigmen she met.

4. ‘The body: a guide for occupants, ‘by Bill Bryson – A light and deep look at the human machine and why it does so many awesome and surprising (and sometimes terrible) things.

5. ‘On Earth, we are briefly beautiful, ‘by Ocean Vuong – A beautifully poetic novel about immigrants to America and the desire to fit into an understanding of loss and pain.

6. ‘Shakespeare for Squirrels, ‘by Christopher Moore – The third of Moore’s hilarious and profane Shakespearean novels about Pocket the Fool, this one has the lusty clown interacting (smuttily, of course) with the characters from the’ Midsummer Night’s Dream ‘. bard.

7. ‘Betty, ‘by Tiffany McDaniel – McDaniel’s all-new Southern Gothic novel, set once again in the city of Breathed, Ohio, is the kind of book that’s chock-full of beautifully flowery language and lines like this : “I would come to learn that between heaven and hell, Breathed was a piece of earth inside the beat, where lizards were crushed under the wheels and people spoke like thunder crushing thunder.

8. ‘Court of thorns and roses, ‘by Sarah J. Maas – A fantasy series inspired by “Beauty and the Beast” exploring the extended family of iconic characters from the fairy tale.

9. ‘A deadly education, ‘by Naomi Novik – Yes, the Novik 2020 fantasy novel features a less than safe boarding school for promising young magic users, but this one, called the Scholomance – filled with terrifying and deadly monsters and a ritual of surrender breathtaking degrees, makes Hogwarts look like Mister Roger’s neighborhood.

ten. ‘How to read literature like a teacher, ‘by Thomas Foster – A revised edition of the book captioned “A lively and entertaining guide to reading between the lines”.


1. ‘It’s school time, little blue truck, ‘by Alice Schertle – The cute little vehicle goes to school, and early readers learn a little something at the same time.

2. ‘Rowley Jefferson’s Wonderful Friendship Adventure, ‘by Jeff Kinney – A “Wimpy Kid” spin-off picks up one of the series’ most endearing character stories.

3. ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society, ‘by Trenton Lee Stewart – The Disney + series based on these whimsical books has turned observers into readers.

4. ‘Shock, ‘by Kayla Miller – The latest edition of the popular’ Click ‘graphic novel series.

5. ‘Shadow and bone, ‘by Leigh Bardugo – The original book in the popular fantasy series, in which ships sail through clouds filled with monsters and a rare breed of people keep the light under their skin. The hit Netflix series is based on the series.

6. ‘The Ultimate Unicorn Joke Book, ‘by BuzzPop, ed – Funny jokes about the most serious creatures in the Magic Kingdom.

7. ‘My father’s dragon, ‘by Rosemary Gannett – The beloved 1948 children’s novel follows a young boy who flees to Wild Island to save a baby dragon.

8. ‘Diary of a pug: the pug flies away, ‘by Kyla May – Baron von Bubbles is a pug, and he has a story to tell in his journal (but kids who love to laugh and their parents can read it too).

9. ‘Where’s Waldo? The book of wonders, ‘by Martin Hanford – Yes, Waldo is still hiding in plain sight.

ten. ‘Dog Man: Mothering Heights, ‘by Dav Pilkey – In the 10th book in the series from the creator of Captain Underpants, canine cop Dog Man teams up with Petey the Cat and a stray kitten to stop an onslaught of villains and prove the enduring power of love, kindness and dog slobber.

Data compiled by Amber-Rose Reed, Director of Copperfield’s Books.

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