Man killed in Santa Rosa park shooting tried to protect friends during attack, family says

Connor Bundock spent his early childhood in Thailand before moving to Santa Rosa in 2012 and forming friendships wherever he went to school.

His education was slowed because English was not his first language, but the 19-year-old worked hard and was due to graduate from Youth Connections Santa Rosa of John Muir Charter Schools in June.

Relatives are instead planning funeral services for Bundock, who was shot and killed Saturday while with his friends at Hilliard Comstock Northwest Community Park.

“He saw they had problems and tried to protect them,” said his father, Patrick Bundock, a Santa Rosa resident, who met Connor’s mother in Thailand about 30 years ago.

Santa Rosa police are still looking for two people believed to be responsible for the shooting, which appears to have been a random attack just yards from the victim’s former college.

Connor Bundock was with his friends near one of the park’s baseball diamonds when the two unidentified individuals approached and issued “gang challenges,” according to Santa Rosa police.

They argued with Connor Bundock and one of them shot him before fleeing, police said.

The baseball diamond has become the site of a makeshift memorial for the victim, who is survived by several family members, including two older siblings.

“They are in mourning. Connor was a really lovely boy and so many miss him,” his father said.

Patrick Bundock described his son as a “do-it-yourselfer” who enjoyed working with his hands and building things, including bicycles.

The young Bundock aspired to travel the world and eventually join the United States Army.

He attended several schools over the years, including Hilliard Comstock Middle School, Piner High School, and Pivot Charter School. He made friends at every school and brought people together to form a band that loved music and played guitar.

“He was kind of the glue,” said Patrick Bundock, who added that his son was very protective of his friends.

Santa Rosa Police Sgt. Chris Mahurin said Saturday’s shooting was not representative of the Northwest Community Park and it was still safe for people to visit.

There weren’t many people around at the time of the shooting and police are still trying to identify those involved in the shooting of Connor Bundock, he said.

They were described as Latino boys or men between the ages of 17 and 21.

One was described as between 5ft 3in and 5ft 4in, 130lbs, with black hair and a thin mustache. He was wearing a black sweatshirt, dark pants and black shoes, police said.

The other was between 5ft 6in and 5ft 7in, 140lbs, with black hair. He was wearing a black sweater and dark pants.

The incident marked Santa Rosa’s third homicide of 2022.

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