Metallica launches alternative studio version of ‘Sad But True’

Metallica has just launched an alternate version of their Black album hit “Sad But True” from a studio recording on February 5, 1991 as they led to the release of a remastered version of the groundbreaking album as well as Blacklist, a collection of Black album covers from a wide variety of artists.

The track, which is labeled “Take 36” in the “Rough & Alternative Mixes” part of the reissue of the eponymous album, was recorded at One on One Studios in Los Angeles, Calif., While Metallica was working at the sequel to the years 1988. … and justice for all. The differences between the tracks are subtle but still noticeable.

As the version of “Sad But True” that didn’t make it to the final version of the record, she doesn’t carry the signature and timeless production fans are used to hearing. There is a lot less crunch and James Hetfield’s voice doesn’t have the same guts and conviction and is quite raw as he distinguishes between his growled style and a more melodic singing approach.

The intro is also a bit less dramatic and playful, getting straight to the point, saving time on what ended up being the studio version of “Sad But True” that first appeared on the album.

Listen to the alternate take below, and to hear a 1990 demo version of “Enter Sandman,” which was recently released, go here.

Metallica Black album the reissue falls on September 10, as does the Blacklist cover album, which features pop star Miley Cyrus taking on “Nothing Else Matters” (listen here), Colombian rock superstar Juanes covering “Enter Sandman” (listen here) with more to be released by Ghost, Corey Taylor, Volbeat, Weezer, Royal Du sang and many more.

Head here for these details and look for a black and white “Black Album” photo book that will arrive in October.

Metallica, “Sad But True” (Take 36 – February 5, 1991)

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