Minecraft player spends 2 years building amazing cathedral

A Minecraft player reveals a short video of a huge and beautiful Gothic-style cathedral built in the game over the course of two years.

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Minecraft is a game that allows players to build a wide variety of artwork, structures, and other creative items. A fan recently unveiled a huge cathedral that has been under construction for two years and the results are a testament to what dedication and architectural knowledge can bring.

Minecraft is a very popular and long-standing game built around the simple concept of allowing players to place and break blocks in a world built of voxels. The game has since spawned several sub-communities that focus on combat, exploration, trading, and other ventures, as well as spinoffs taking place in its universe.

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The build, posted by u / Darth_Revan_, shows not only architectural design skills, but also attention to fine detail defining European architecture of the 12th and 16th centuries. The cathedral prominently presents a structural support in the form of numerous buttress supports. They extend to the side as they would on a real Gothic cathedral, giving a realistic element to the construction as if the flying buttress supported the massive stone walls.

The cathedral also highlights the large windows for which the flying buttress was originally developed to support, and tall spiers with intricate patterns on the sides. Despite the difficulty of creating circles in Minecraft, even the circular window in the front is convincingly constructed with several layers of stone supporting the glass. Most of the cathedral’s other windows are arched or rounded in the same way.

The attention to detail makes the construction look like it could be a replica of a real Gothic cathedral. Gothic-inspired architectural design has featured prominently in recent games, with Transmitted by blood a shining example of gothic themes, exposing the intriguing designs of several thousand years ago to a new audience. Even the scale seems precise, and the design represents the main architectural axes of the era, with arches lining the walls and large windows implying a well-lit interior.

Since its creation, Minecraft has allowed gamers of all skill levels and allotted time to rely on PCs, consoles, handhelds and phones, with all modern versions able to play seamlessly with other systems. Any time spent on it, from a few minutes to a few hours, can still advance even if it has to be squeezed between work and other obligations. Directory Minecraft Live The upcoming livestream will hopefully provide a preview of upcoming updates that will expand the creative possibilities even further.

The Minecraft community creations are undoubtedly a major driving force behind the game’s enduring popularity. With the modding community adding some weird ideas like Mario’s moves game. Super Mario 64, clearly the fans have no plans to leave the game anytime soon.

Minecraft is now available for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Windows Phone, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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