Miranda and the M80s to deliver high-energy performance at River Days

For Miranda Amy, the music of the 1980s was uplifting, allowed people to express themselves and fostered friendships.

She hopes her band, Miranda and the M80s, will provide the same experience on Friday during the River Days Festival.

Miranda and the M80s will perform Friday from 5-6:30 p.m. on the Bob Johns Main Stage. The group performs covers of songs from the late 1960s to the late 1980s. The repertoire includes ballads by Aerosmith, Queen, Journey, Prince and David Bowie.

Hailing from Beaverton, Amy thinks the band’s energetic performance can appeal to different ages and backgrounds because it’s inclusive.

“A lot of this music is really empowering,” Amy said. “They are really strong and powerful.”

Amy graduated from Beaverton High School in 2009 and studied Music Performance at Lansing Community College and earned an Associate’s Degree in Applied Arts Performance. She will soon be graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Management from Northwood University.

Miranda and the M80s started in 2014. At the time, Amy was serving tables at an Applebee in Lansing where she met a customer and started talking about music. The client invited her to audition for an 80s band.

“They were looking to form a band for a couple of years at that time,” Amy said. “It was just a stroke of luck that one of the band members happened upon me serving tables.”

Amy explained that a classical background in music allowed her to expand her vocal range and encompass different genres. At the same time, his experience in musicals taught him to adopt a big personality on stage.

“It allows our repertoire to be incredibly large, which is good,” she said. “We can play and entertain people of all demographics.”

The band’s name was inspired by another area of ​​Michigan called The M80s, which specializes in ’80s music. Other band members include Jeff Dietrich on drums, Drew Garrison on bass, and Len “The Axe” on vocals. guitar.

Miranda and the M80s are a regional band based in Lansing, performing as far south as Ohio and traveling to Mackinac Island. The band have performed in Midland in the past, including as part of the Commons Live Music Series and at 702 Bar. This, however, marks the first time they have performed at River Days.

“I’m super excited to hit demographics that we don’t usually play on Friday nights for,” Amy said. “Bring sunscreen, bring a chair, and be ready to rock,” Amy said. “If you can’t make it to this show, don’t worry. We will definitely be back before the end of the summer.”

River Days Festival organizer Sara Jacobs Carter explained that she chose Miranda and the M80s to perform because they had the ability to hold the attention of crowds.

“We try to feature as many local acts as possible,” JacobsCarter said. “We also want people to have a high-energy experience.”

JacobsCarter explained that the music helps create a party atmosphere at River Days. The annual festival, held in partnership with several Midland organisations, aims to provide exposure to small businesses and local artists. It is also designed to provide a wide range of entertainment at little or no cost to customers; JacobsCarter explained that this allows families from all economic backgrounds to be able to participate.

“We have fantastic people in Midland,” she said. “We want people to know this is a great place for young people.”

Miranda and the M80s will be the first of five bands to perform on the Bob Johns Main Stage throughout the weekend. The Midland Area Youth Action Council also features artists from the area during River Days Unplugged, along with more soft rock music. For more information on River Days, including a full schedule of events and live music, visit www.riverdaysmidland.com.

“Live music gives a different feel,” JacobsCarter said. “For me, live music is a lot of coming and going with the audience. Our community loves live music as much as musicians love to perform.

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