Morbid Metal Gameplay Trailer Shows Devil May Cry-Like Combat

The Future Games Show 2022 featured a trailer for Morbid Metal, a cyberpunk action title that channels Devil May Cry’s intense combat.

A brand new indie hack-and-slash Steam game titled Morbid Metal seeks to channel the elegant and intense action of the devil may cry series in a gritty, post-apocalyptic setting. Morbid Metal was first announced in February and was one of many upcoming projects showcased during the Future Games Show live portion of the Summer Game Fest 2022 celebration.

While Thursday’s Summer Game Fest event largely spotlighted triple-A blockbusters like Gotham Knights and Street Fighter 6, Saturday was all about small Steam releases across a wide range of genres. Future Games Show and Guerrilla Collective 3.0 live streams featured a wide range of original titles, such as Fight Quest (which features actual wrestling icons as allies the player can summon in turn-based RPG battles), Brewmaster (in which players craft the perfect beer by mixing ingredients), and the last faith (a 2D Metroidvania title that drew comparisons to transmitted by blood due to its Gothic art style).


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Additionally, during the Future Game Show live stream (via the official GamesRadar Youtube channel), viewers were treated to a new trailer for Morbid Metal, an upcoming hack-and-slash title created by individual development studio Pho3lix. In Morbid Metal, the player chooses between one of four robotic warriors as they journey through a ruined world and take down massive enemies with quick dodges and stylish hack-and-slash combat. Each playable character has their own weapons and abilities, which they unleash in the trailer on a robot while heavy metal music plays in the background. Although there is currently no official release date for Morbid Metalinterested players can currently add the title to their wishlist on Steamand developer Felix Schade promised it would be available “soon”.

With a focus on fast-paced combat, sleek aerial combos, and jagged rock music, Morbid Metal also drew comparisons to triple-A action games like Bayonet, Nier: Automata, and The devil can cry. The the devil may cry the series recently returned to the limelight with 2019 The devil may cry 5which was well received following the division DMC: the devil may cry in 2013. The popularity of the devil may cryThe fighting styles and game mechanics of Morbid Metal can help it stand out alongside other similar titles.

Currently, there are no official plans for another the devil may cry game, even if the success of The devil may cry 5 encouraged speculation about the next installment in the fast-paced, demon-busting franchise. Waiting, Morbid Metal looks like a promising substitute thanks to its intense combos and grungy presentation. With a bit of luck, Morbid Metal will continue to release development information and possibly announce an official release date in the coming months.

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Source: GamesRadar/YouTube, Steam

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