Musical evening marks 75th anniversary of India-US diplomatic relations

Interpersonal relations far ahead of political relations between the two countries, says N. Ravi

Interpersonal relations far ahead of political relations between the two countries, says N. Ravi

Between India and the United States, people-to-people ties and educational and cultural relations have gained ground and are far ahead of the political relations that have been marked by decades of estrangement, N. Ravi, President of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai Kendra and Director, The Hindu Group, said.

At Indo American Musical Harmony, an event to celebrate India 75 and American Independence Day organized by the Global Carnatic Musicians Association (GCMA), VVS Foundation, India and SaMaa Arts LLC, US, he said: “It is only in the most recent period that political relations have caught up with cultural and interpersonal ties and have risen to the level of strategic partnership. It is appropriate that we celebrate cultural relations which have been a precursor of strong political ties, encompassing political, economic, strategic and defense relations,” he said. The Indian diaspora of four million in the United States is a force for closer ties, he said. declared.

K. Harisankar, secretary of Narada Gana Sabha, said Carnatic music had its own part in bringing people from two continents together.

“Besides collaboration in the field of music, in times of distress, we ask people from all continents to help us. The bonds created have contributed to providing phenomenal help during the crisis. For example, many musicians have helped during the pandemic through fundraising events,” he added.

VV Sundaram, secretary of the Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival; Nirmala Rajasekar, Vice President of GCMA; VVS Murari, co-secretary of the GCMA, took the floor.

The event was marked by several performances including those of veena representative Rajhesh Vaidhya and mandolin player U. Rajesh.

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