New South Park Funko POP Collection Brings Inappropriate Boy Band Together [Exclusive]

New South Park Funko POP Collection Brings Inappropriate Boy Band Together [Exclusive]

First, Funko POP gives Fingerbang its own collection of deluxe Funko POP albums. These kinds of boxes were made for bands like Queen, Kiss, Metallica, AC/DC, The Doors and *NSYNC. They come complete with all of the band’s figures, complete with album covers to go with them in easy-to-display window box packaging. But this appears to be the first time a fictional band has received this treatment, and we hope this is a sign of more to come.

As you can see, the set does not include additional members like Wendy or Randy Marsh, the latter coming on board after Kenny was killed by an elevator. But having the four main boys in the group is probably the best choice for this collection. You can get it at the Funko store right here with a standard retail price of $70. However, if you’re looking to get all four members of Fingerbang without all that fancy packaging, then Funko has you covered as well.

Cartman, Stan, Kyleand Kenny all come out individually in their wardobe boy band as well. Each figure has a standard retail price of $12 and will be available for individual purchase from the Funko store under its TV line of collectible figures. The only thing missing is the signature sound of their title track.

Personally, I hope this opens the floodgates for us to get more Funko POP album box sets featuring Stillwater from “Almost Famous”, The Soggy Bottom Boys from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” and Spinal Tap from “This Is Spinal Tap”. It would also be a great way for Funko to re-release the Sex Bob-Omb figures from “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” which have skyrocketed in value on the secondary market.

Stay tuned to Funko POP Instagram page to see what other Popapalooza personalities are announced today.

“South Park” airs on HBO Max with new promotions available Paramount+where the show will become one of their streaming exclusives in 2025.

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